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Mars in Libra, a cheerful delineation for each house in your chart.

Mars has moved into Libra which is the sign of a Jedi Master considering Mars is the Force and Libra is the Balance. It will be in this sign until October 12th. Mars is in Libra once every two and a half years. After being in Libra Mars goes into Tropical Scorpio. Traditional astrology holds Mars in Libra to be a challenging placement for the Red Planet because it is in Detriment, this is especially true for day time charts, in terms of understanding the fate of the person born with such an aspect, or a horary or electional astrology chart.

Does this mean Mars in Libra is bad? Not really, most of us have far more agency in the experience of our lives than people who lived during the time traditional astrology texts were written. They were written during a time where there was very little social mobility and if you were born a peasant you were a peasant, or a warrior, or a slave, or a ruling class person. During that time the idea that most people could change locations or jobs was very foreign, let alone engage in therapy, self reflection, or self development to gain control over how they reacted to circumstances that would arise in their lives. For this reason, lets take a look at Mars not from the perspective of its dour fate (although Mars transits can be challenging and traditional astrology can help navigate those challenges) but from how we can use it to experience an empowered and fulfilled life.

When Mars is in Libra it is a time to hone and push into whatever house is Libra in your chart. Mars is where we are pushing up against boundaries, with any Mars transit we should pick where we want to push intentionally.

Libra is about balance, this can be a challenge with Mars in this sign. Think of a angry bull in a store selling Dale Chihuly glass works. It is very beautiful, all the glass, but if that Bull can’t stay in the boundaries set before it, it is going to create a wreck of glass shards and lost money. This is how I contemplate Mars being in what is called Detriment in this place. Detriment technically means the sign opposite a planets exaltation. But I like to root the technical terms into useful meanings for our minds and daily experience. Mars likes being straight forward and ruthless and in Libra it has hesitation. With Mars here in Libra we have to understand what makes it less hesitant? Libra is ruled by Venus, so creative joy and beauty is what draws Mars out of its hesitant state in Libra.

Mars in Libra by the House

Mars in Libra in the 1st house will show you making dramatic moves to redefine yourself. It is an excellent opportunity to stake out new territory for yourself. Admit it, you spend your entire life trying to live in a harmonious balance with the universe, not upsetting the delicate flow of nature that surrounds you. This is why you are an ethereal being full of beauty. However now is the time to bust a move dear first house Libra.

Mars in Libra in the 2nd house is not going to be a spend thrift this month. Ok, rule one, take the credit cards and hand them to someone you trust. Tell them to put the cards in a safe until Mars enters Scorpio. No really. Do it now. I am telling you. Did you do it? Ok, good, great now spending spree! Clothes, paintings, music concerts, yoga classes, a latte a day keeps the doctor away. This is it, go crazy! (I hope you locked those cards away, no … don’t open apple pay… ) Seriously though, you could put that energy into making money, have you ever heard of Etsy? You have the talent and the Capricorn business sense of how to profit off of your creative arts.

If you have Mars in Libra in the 3rd house you could get into arguments with your Sister. Or you could take up a personal energy yoga practice, such as jogging to channel the energy and develop some good habits over the course of the next six to 9 weeks. Of course, this applies differently depending on where Libra is in your chart. Ask me if you have a question about your chart.

If Libra is your 4th house the fragile and delicate balance you have so lovingly cultivated with your family is out the door this month. Go crazy and start a fight at the dinner table, throw spaghetti against the wall, stand up and walk out until your father acnowledges that you are right and always have been! The lord of war is on your side when the spirit of Tony Soprano visits the house. Btw, it is a great time to pour a new cement foundation if you are into that kind of thing.

If Libra is your 5th house, I know you have a delicate creative sense of beauty and art. But what if this was the time to celebrate the joy and art of the World Wrestling Federation. What if adding jumping out of airplanes to your repetoire of what is acceptable entertainment and joy was on order this month. Would you do it? How about going to one of those demolition rooms with someone else’s husband was called for? There is a lot of adventure out there calling you, choose wisely, Mars will be in Scorpio by October and then reaper will be back reaping those who became a little to extended in their modest foolishness.

6th house Libra, we got you. Yoga classes and acupuncture. I don’t mean any particular yoga, I mean hothouse yoga with an instructor who looks like Duane the Rock Johnson. Work those thighs, stretch into the hurt, turn up the heater. What is the other choice? A high fever from the Eris strain Covid you imbibed during a healthy game of lawn darts at the labor day work barbecue? You don’t want that, grab the old god of war by the cahoonas and feel the burn. You may also notice a capacity to over work during this time.

Mars in the 7th, don’t expect to get out of this unscathed. Your significant other has something to say to you and you better buckle up and listen. I know you are an Aries rising so you have to always be right, but not this time. When those frothing words come your way, listen to them well. Your reward will be a long night of Salsa and them some real passion, but first you have to get through the gates of Hades, Persephone. Ah, you better be good at the lute.

8th House Libra lets talk about the value of the combustion engine during the age of global warming. Let’s do this while watching baseball in the Sun because that is where you find yourself, pushed into an experience you did not want to be in because someone else just train wrecked through your peaceful life and now you are following along like a meek smurf. Seize the power by writing yourself into their will or getting married with out a pre nup. Two people can play at this game.

If you find yourself having your wallet pickpocketed while gazing upon the deep azure blue next to a marble statue of the promenade, you have my friend Mars in the 9th until the end of October. This is a great placement since it is going to get you out exploring the world but to take a bit of precaution to not be over exposed in a land where no one speaks your language. If you must stay home because of circumstances, dive deep into ancient and mythic tomes of whatever heady study strikes your fancy. You will have the energy it takes to absorb all that knowledge with ease, especially after dosing up on your methylated blue.

Libra ruling the 10th will have you feeling besotted with your career. You could be driving to make it your own and thus flourishing in a flourish of meteoric activity during this transit or your natural harmony of the office space is being challenged by a cubicle mate who is chewing too loud, slurping too much, and gabbing on the phone with their in-laws at too high of a volume. Either way your going to need to apply some ganache and panache to effortfully force through the the rolling thunder coming your way.

With Mars in Libra your 11th house your going to find that your aesthetic friends who love ballet are suddenly going full-on Wagner Opera with each other. What started as a simple dinner party ended up with blood on the streets as all the knives were drawn out and the Prime Rib was raw enough that a river of blood spread like a tidal surge off the coast of Florida onto everyone’s crisp and clean, if not slightly zesty outfits. Fear not, enjoy the ruckus, perhaps with a choice word or two be the cause of a ruckus. When Mars moves into Scorpio the fun and games will end, so enjoy now while you can.

Finally with Mars coursing through LIbra in the 12th you can expect the usual backhanded diss that you are entirely accustomed to to not roll off your shoulders. This is the assasins place so watch your back and let your dog taste the tea first. Speaking of which do not let your drink go unguarded at the bar, but you can if you wish have an affair, especially during the New Moon, as the passions of the 12th are not the passions of the known, unless of course they over flow from excessive indulgence. But with Libra in the 12th you would never let that happen… would you?

Wherever LIbra is in your chart this month, I also want you to push your creative joy. This is your offering to Mars for the month.

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