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The Astrology of America is unique, engaging and profound. The founding of the United States of America is shrouded in a mystery for astrologers. There is no historical record where the men who signed the Declaration of Independence wrote down the exact time of the first, or the last signature on that important document which formed the basis for a new nation.

We can imagine that they were operating under nervous secrecy, fully aware that should their endeavor go awry it would put them all in jeopardy with the King of England and his redcoat army.  We as astrologers are left to hunt down historical clues and engage in chart rectification to find a chart that works best for the United States of America. This is important, as being able to make predictions in astrology requires having an accurate birthtime to know when chart events will trigger.

One chart for the birth of the United States of America is called the Sibly chart. It comes from Ebenezer Sibly, who lived in London during the time America was founded as an independent nation, separate from the English Empire. Sibley set an engraving for the day of the Declaration of Independence and put on it the time 10:10 PM. This time is problematic when it comes to an actual event because the location of the planets in the chart is impossible to replicate at 10:10 PM in Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Dany Rudhyar adjusted the time to 5:14 PM (for reasons he gives here: ) which gives us the following chart.

Interpreting the chart

In celebration of the 4th of July I wanted to look at this chart and show some of the strengths and virtues it gives the United States of America as a country. I am choosing for now not to focus on the human toll and suffering that have occurred on the soil which is now called the USA. My reasons are that history is filled with suffering and toll, one of the unique things the Declaration of Independence does as a document creates a road map towards a universal human experience that is free from inequality and oppression. It is for this aspiration that I am proud of our country, the personal freedoms it aspires to, and the liberties it has wrought forth from the struggling beast that is the human soul trying to perfect itself into a master of its own animal destiny.

First one will notice that in the Sibly chart, there is a magnificent Cancer Stellium in the 8th House. This consists of the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus. This intones the nature of the United States to do specific things as it occurs in the 8th house. To absorb the resources of the world, both physical and intellectual, and to see itself as the protector of the world.

We are going to have to talk about Cancer as a sign here. Cancers are self-centered bastards, but they are full of heart. Once they see the need on an emotional level to care for something, they own that and then will do everything they can to protect their own. For this reason, the placement of the UN in New York is of importance. The U.S. sees itself as a protector of the world, but only after it gets past its own insecurities.

Winston Churchill, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”

The Cancer Stellium

This Cancer Stellium in the 8th also makes the nation one of Immigrants. This is its core strength, the influx of a constant stream of intelligent, hard-working people from other nations giving energy to support the endeavor of this country. That identity exemplified by the Cancer Sun is squared by Saturn in the 11th. The US conservative society’s stance against immigration has always harmed it to a degree, and even now we see that playing out. Ah, conservative border protectionist, you work against your own best interest in the human endeavor that is the United States.

Another fascinating aspect to this natal chart is that Saturn is in Libra ruling the 2nd from the 11th house. The US has a perception of itself being of a fair and balanced society that emphasizes rule of law. (again I would like to point out that in all natal charts, the chart shows the ideal possibilities of an enlightened soul or in this case nation, one that must be earned through suffering, self-reflection, and conscious work. ) Thus, America has values which aspire to justice but are slow to change in that direction, yet firm in their standing. Remember, Saturn is exalted in Libra.

The Ascendant is Sagittarius in the terms of Venus. Here we again see a nation that sees itself as fun loving and founded on strong philosophical ideals. The country sees itself as the mother of the world, as Jupiter is in Cancer. Jupiter is however combust, so the way the US acts out in the world causes it to be seen quite differently by the rest of its national citizens. A big resource hoarding oaf? Yes, it is, but also a promoter of democratic and philosophical ideals of justice and equality, yet blind to its own shadow (combustion). This is also incredibly revealing of how the US Currency has become the reserve currency of the world.

National Challenges

Mars in Gemini is problematic for this chart, as it opposes the 1st from the 7th, a place known as “Open Enemies.” This leads the United States to be particularly vulnerable to experiencing information warfare and attacks from the air. Ok. Pearl Harbor, 9-11, the Russian Disinfo opp. that elected Trump, whatever, pick your poison, but we can see that Air and Information are the weaknesses of the nation. The other effect of the out of sect Mars here is that we as a country experience a constant sense of Gemini Division as our own worst self reflection.

Neptune in the 10th emphasizes the visionary nature of the US. This can be seen as helpful in terms of the ability to create new technologies that pull the world forward or a disaster in terms of ignorance to what is actually good in the world.

There is so much more to explore in this chart, and why it points to the US continuing to develop as a philosophically and morally sophisticated country over the coming centuries, but this, is just a taste for this 4th of July. Happy July 4th, and let us all work to become the people we want to be, in the world we want to live in.

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