Heart Astrology

Neptune the King of Mystery

Neptune offers mysteries but does not offer answers. This is the nature of the beyond, and one which we as souls in infinity must grow comfortable with.

Volkswagen, Your time has come.

Volkswagen, you deceptive tool of a car company, poisoning the atmosphere, killing humans with your gas, your charade has come to an end. It is interesting to me, how this fits together astrologically. I mean really, it makes perfect sense based on the motion of the stars and planets right now. Come with me on […]

Lets Muddle around Neptune

Today Mercury is Opposed Neptune. I would like to take this opportunity to speak about Neptune. Often times people cringe at oppositions, but you will find, whenever they occur, either in a natal chart, or in a mundane transit, they serve to shine light on the planets involved. They bring the energy of the planets […]

The Astrology of Avatar

James Camerons Avatar is on its way to becoming the top grossing box office hit of all time. Its use of CGI technology, Science Fiction and Eco Mythic plot has struck a nerve in our society that is going to cause it to quickly break all previous box office financial and attendance records world wide. […]

Green Revolution Part 2.

Now I want to look at the figurehead for the revolution. His name is Mir Hussein Moussavi. His chart is really quite interesting really in the light of current events. He was born in Khameneh Iran on the 21st of September 1941. His birth time has not been released as a matter of public record. […]