Heart Astrology

The Art of Timing Part 4.

A method of planetary timing is using planetary hours. Planetary hours are engaging in certain activities while a Planet rules the hour of the day or night. Here is a brief review of planetary hours: Saturn: Promotes strength, it is good to start or carry out all activities that require strength during this time, even […]

The Art of Timing P.3.

Sahl Said ” All are agreed that elections are weak, except those for kings. For these people (even should their elections be weakened) have a root….indeed you should not elect anything for the low-class and for merchants and for those who follow…. unless it is more than that: there nativities, and the revolutions of those […]

Using Astrology for Medical Elections.

I would like to continue the theme of Astrology as incorporating the fourth dimension of timing to insure success in endeavors. One of the classical arts that was lost to the west was the use of astrology in determining when to see a doctor. Why is it that some healthy people have surgeries and everything […]

Electional Astrology

Their are 3 main branches of Astrology. These three are Natal, Horary, and Electional. Most people are familiar with Natal readings. This is where an astrologer looks at a chart for the time and place where you were born and can then tell you about your psychology, your spirituality, future likely life events, good and […]