Heart Astrology

The Moon in Leo

Since it is the play of the moon to self identify as a unique creative principle in the universe let us use the moon to look at the myth of theLeo in the zodiac. After Cancer the Crab comes Leo the Lion which is a fixed sign, meaning it stabilizes, is creative unto itself and […]

The Moon in Aries

Since it is the work of the moon to bring light to the darkness, let us use the moon to look at the archetype of each sign. To start with there is Aries, which is a cardinal sign, meaning it initiates, begins, and sets in motion. It is a fire sign, meaning it heats, expands […]

Tuesday is Mars day.

According to the [wikipop search=”days of the week”]Chaldean order of the days[/wikipop], which may be far more ancient than the Chaldean civilization,  that is just the first written recording we have of days being named in such a way, Tuesday is ruled by Mars. This means that on Tuesdays, the energy of Mars is more […]