The Four Elements in Astrology

In astrology, the four elements are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These elements are believed to represent different aspects of a person’s personality, and each is associated with a set of qualities and characteristics. Earth signs are practical and down-to-earth, Air signs are intellectual and communicative, Fire signs are passionate and dynamic, and Water signs […]

Types of Astrology Readings

So you want an astrology reading, but you don’t know what to ask for? With the recent renaissance in astrology, the options can become rather confusing. There are offerings in Traditional astrology, Modern Astrology, Psychological Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology, Centaur Astrology, Electional Astrology, greek Astrology, Human Design, Uranian astrology, Horary astrology, Talismanic Astrology and Jyotish Astrology, […]

What does Mars in Capricorn mean

Mars entered Capricorn in the tropical zodiac today and will be there until March 5th 2022. This post is general to Mars in Capricorn and how to use it in your chart. So in future Mars in Capricorn transits, which happen about every two and a half years you can still use it. Mars is […]

Hong Kong and the Saturn Mars opposition.

The Premise: Hong Kong is a doomed state. In 2047 the one party two systems guaranteeing civil protections, and at least symbolically, Hong Kong’s democratic freedoms will end. The people of Hong Kong do not want to loose those freedoms before they have to, and have on occasion shown a strong will to take to […]


Moon is opposed Neptune in Pisces, then it sextiles Venus in Scorpio. The Sun is applying in conjunction to Saturn. Yellow Light. The Saturn sun conjunction starts to weigh heavy. Moon opposed Neptune brings hidden things to light. Especially when Scorpio has become part of the equation. Michael Cohens cell phone was used in Prague […]

Sagittarius Moon 12.6.18

The moon is moving into Sagittarius  where it will stay until Saturday Morning. Currently we will have a New Moon in hopeful Sag, but it will be square Neptune and Mars. This creates confusion about the right course of action to take. None the less. Put forth your New Moon aspirations. This coincides with Mercury […]

The Moon in Leo

Since it is the play of the moon to self identify as a unique creative principle in the universe let us use the moon to look at the myth of theLeo in the zodiac. After Cancer the Crab comes Leo the Lion which is a fixed sign, meaning it stabilizes, is creative unto itself and […]