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Sahl Said ” All are agreed that elections are weak, except those for kings. For these people (even should their elections be weakened) have a root….indeed you should not elect anything for the low-class and for merchants and for those who follow…. unless it is more than that: there nativities, and the revolutions of those years, and on the nativities of their children.”

The meaning of these lines is that elections and good fortune are assured if you have a good chart. That is an astrologer can in general do elections for a King, or CEO and be assured that good fortune will come about from the election. However, the whole process of electing a time becomes much more difficult for people who do not have stellar charts.  You not only have to look at the election, you also have to look at there natal chart, and a horary chart.

The view of astrology masters was that you are born with a certain potential, and you are not meant to go beyond that potential, rather you are meant to live well within that potential. Elections are trying to game the universe. In an election you are trying to get the best potential we can by timing a project. But, our potential, is according to astrology, limited by our birthchart. Which is to say, if you have birthchart that is average, meaning not meant to excel one to the hights of fame and riches, if you, say submit a film script at a certain time, it may become a film, based on the good election, but if you don’t have king fortune in your chart, its not going to become the next Super Mega Blockbuster film.

So what to do, why bother, well just because you can’t win the lotto with the election, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your life, and circumstances smoother with good elections.

The Chinese metaphysical astrological system also uses direction in elections. There is a method of this in the west. It is looking at the locality directions of the chart. You have certain directions that are associated with Planet lines, and can invoke those by going in those directions from your home, or business, or sitting in those directions.

As you can see, Astrology has a huge amount to offer for one who has the time and willingness to experiment.

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