Heart Astrology

Their are 3 main branches of Astrology. These three are Natal, Horary, and Electional. Most people are familiar with Natal readings. This is where an astrologer looks at a chart for the time and place where you were born and can then tell you about your psychology, your spirituality, future likely life events, good and bad habits that you might have etc. Of course this is very useful. Horary astrology is also something a good deal of people are interested in. This is when an astrologer looks at a chart for the moment a question is asked, and from that can determine, not only the answer to the question, but also the details of the story surrounding the question. This is also very useful.

There is a third type of astrology called Electional astrology. Electional astrology is based upon this idea.”The forms of this composite world are obedient to the forms of heaven(Ptolomy, The Centiloquium)” or “All that is and becomes in this world, that is, by means of generation and corruption, is caused by the 120 conjunctions” (Ptolomy, The Centiloquium ). The meaning here is that the interdependence of form and experience on earth is indicated and ruled by the motion of the planets and stars.

This then becomes something that a wise person can use to the benefit of themselves and others. A good astrologer can determine when to start a project in accordance with the stars and planets, thus maximizing the  chance of the desired outcome for the project. This is a profound thing to think about. Here we have a fourth dimension to our activities. The dimension of timing insuring the capacity and durability of things. It is only the art of astrology which can help accurately give one an advantage in the art of timing. This is the advantage of elections. Learn about them. Use them. You will thank me in the future.

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