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A method of planetary timing is using planetary hours. Planetary hours are engaging in certain activities while a Planet rules the hour of the day or night.

Here is a brief review of planetary hours:

Saturn: Promotes strength, it is good to start or carry out all activities that require strength during this time, even to have fights or engage in combat. The hour of Saturn is for taking a stone and throwing it into a deep pit, and then building your house on that pit, this house which you will also build out of stone, will never be blown down by the big bad wolf.

Jupiter: Promotes peace, philosophy, love and concord. Thus it is a good time to try and make peace, negotiate contracts, and expand ones boundaries. If you are going to travel or venture, start it during the hour of Jupiter, for he will take you to the furthest reaches of space where you will behold the cool velveteen colors of cosmic nebula that resemble the eyes of Gods. Oh..yes buy a lottery ticket too!

Mars is a good time to be energetic, to engage in movement that requires efforts, to use force, will power, and determination. When you have to fight for an ounce of ground, start your fight when it is the hour of Mars. When it is the hour of Mars slam on the accelerator and crash through the brick wall with your spears, be sure that Rage against the Machine is on, for the time has come to make the bastards see the bloody light, The world and Humanity can no longer be treated this way by the Man.

The Sun is meant to illuminate, to cause brilliance, and to bring fame. Time your activities where you need clarity and genius, where you want to shine, where you want everything you do to be known to others, for the hour of the Sun. You don’t sneak out of the building during the hour of the Sun, because you will be seen by the secretary in the corner who you thought was working hard flipping through the shoes section of the Macy’s website.

The hour of Venus is for enjoyment, this is the time to explore the senses. Go to the art Gallery, walk around the park, write a love poem, start making the chocolate cherry cheesecake to feed to the lucky man or woman who is coming over tonight to taste of the sweet and savory.

The Hour of Mercury is for travelling, exchanging goods, writing and communicating, talking your head off over the phone with your third cousin who you have not seen since the family reunion in 8 years ago, when he drank too much tequila and started talking about the joys of sex in front of your children.

The Hour of the Moon is for sitting down in a hot bath and drinking mint tea with honey in it, then getting out and drying yourself off with egyptian cotton towels while singing Aretha Franklin songs. When the hour of the Moon strikes call your mom and tell her you love her.

When you use the planetary hours in the way indicated you can begin to harmonize with the planetary spirits who are communicating at that time. They are sending out their voices telling us this is the harmony of their particular Opera. If you listen to it your body will start to move like a drum beating in a harmonious rhythm.

The challenge is that this rhythm may feel uncomfortable for you, there are parts of your life that you have probably been ignoring, you are just out of the habit of tunning in with these Gods. You may not be able to spoil yourself, you might be so geared to the message of Mars and Saturn that Venus has long missed you.

When you connect again with your missing gods it will feel good. Your pantheon will be expanding, and your play will become more epic and your soul will begin to shine like a star. This star will really light everyone up.

The point is not that you check the Astrology Hour Clock before you speak or act, rather it is that you begin to see how the gods are speaking to you. They speak from with out and from within, the problem is that we have grown unconscious of these gods and how they speak, so they run you.

You can not be a Hero until you have learned how to listen to the Gods. I want more than anything for you to become a Hero.
Look, the astro sage has the support of the Planetary Hours behind his backPublished during the hour of Jupiter which rules Publishing.

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