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Mars entered Capricorn in the tropical zodiac today and will be there until March 5th 2022. This post is general to Mars in Capricorn and how to use it in your chart. So in future Mars in Capricorn transits, which happen about every two and a half years you can still use it.

Mars is in exaltation in Capricorn

Mars is in exaltation in Capricorn and is thus very good at doing what it wants. The energy of Mars is alive, full and capable during this time. This means that it is a time of extra energy and vigor. You can find this in the house that Capricorn possesses in your astrology chart. In the astrology chart each house is ruled by a sign, that sign and which house shifts depending on the sign of your Ascendant.

The energy of Mars is very ruthless. Because of this where it falls in your chart right now, it is an excellent time to ruthlessly change that area of your life. If you approach this with vigor and enthusiasm Mars in Capricorn will help you get out of ruts that you feel stuck in. It creates a sense of adventure and transformation, reinvigorating your soul and spirit.

However, should you choose to ignore Mars in Capricorn, it will cause upheavals and fighting in that area of your life. Think of it as a sword, you can direct the energy of the sword to make changes you need, or it can create bad “chi” and cause strife. The choice is up to you.

A quick guide to Mars In Capricorn through the Houses

In the first house use Mars in Capricorn to reinvigorate and transform you personality. Areas where you are stuck in habits that do not serve you can be transformed energetically. You will push forth into a new definition and sense of self. Be careful not to overwhelm those you love with energy or anger during this process.

Mars in the second house use Mars in Capricorn to help bolster your possessions and financial assets. You can clear out old habits that prevent you from living a wealthy and abundant life. With Mars this has to do with applying energy to having what you need and throwing out what you do not need. Be careful not to over or compulsively spend with Mars in your second house.

Mars in the third house in Capricorn will bring in a rush of energy from dream and nocturnal energy. It is a great time to keep a dream journal and develop yourself with it. You can use the energy to cut out a sibling you no longer need in your life because they are difficult.

Mars in the fourth house in Capricorn is an incredible time to create, rearrange, or make a new home environment for yourself. No task is to big to take on during this time. Be cautious when arguing or fighting with family members so you do not create permanent divisions that do not serve your sense of love and companionship.

Mars in the fifth house in Capricorn is a great time to create new exercise routines, to be invigorated by sports, athletics, dance, play and engage in all kinds of creative arts. It is also a time of increased passion and love in your life. Use the energy of passion to spice up your experience of romance.

Mars transiting your sixth in Capricorn asks you to at your health, to engage in changes that make significant differences for your long term well being. It can also be conflict at work or with doctors. Stay masked, you don’t want to catch a virus with Mars in your Sixth.

Mars moving through Capricorn in your seventh is the urge to make the relationship you want. Do not put up with any passive aggressive domination from a partner, engage whole heartedly in love but be careful of creating conflict with your loved one.

Mars in the eighth house can lead to accidents so do be careful! This energy can help you access other peoples resources to help get things done that need to get done. Also you can explore the shadow side of your nature during this time but be careful of becoming a psycho during this month. Keep it cool through running, jumping, and leaping into the unknown.

Mars in the ninth house thrusts you into the limelight in the field of education, philosophy, or spirituality. It can also sweep you into travel to foreign lands. If an opportunity arises seize it, and watch out for arguments over beliefs where fundamentalism is unwilling to budge. Smash the beliefs of the patriarchy for a fresh new ground of interconnectedness.

Mars in Capricorn in the 10th house urges you to throw everything you have in to your career and profession, make the world yours and rise up as a general commanding your troops to victory over the battle, establish yourself as a King or Queen and look over your domain. Watch out for arguments in the workplace.

Mars in Capricorn in the 11th begs you to go out and be active with your friends. Spirited debate is a always a good release of this energy as well as being a spiritual warrior in the society of the corporate dead. Watch out for ending good friendships through arguments, unless of course that is what Mars calls you to do .

Finally, Mars in Capricorn in the 12th is tricky. Watch out for a man becoming a hidden energy and sabotaging you. Use this energy to dig into psychological patterns that inhibit your personal growth and transformation to accomplishing the goals you seek in this life.

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Good luck.

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