Natal Reading


A Natal Astrology Reading


A Natal reading is looking at the chart from our best estimate of the moment of your birth. In a natal astrology reading we will look at how the signs, planets, and luminaries are placed within your astrology chart. From that we will weave together the mythology of your life, the meaning of the experiences you have had, and the coming stories that will unfold as your life progresses.

When an astrologer does this well, you will enter a rich dialogue with the universe. The language of the dialogue is the astrology chart. The subject that is being read is your body, life, and soul. The result is an enriching story which gives meaning during difficult and good times. If we have not had an astrology reading before together, first we should do a natal reading to understand your chart better.

The reading can be done in person if you are local to Portland, or we arrange travel. Otherwise it is done over skype, phone, or facetime.


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