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In astrology, the four elements are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These elements are believed to represent different aspects of a person’s personality, and each is associated with a set of qualities and characteristics. Earth signs are practical and down-to-earth, Air signs are intellectual and communicative, Fire signs are passionate and dynamic, and Water signs are emotional and intuitive. These elements are also associated with the 12 astrological signs, with three signs per element.

Now it pains me to speak of the Elements with any degree of elegance, as Stephan Arroyo has already done so. His book “Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements” is brilliant and if you are into studying astrology, please read it!  But since time passes, memory is short, and he put forth much content of recent, here I must tread with fresh and original thought. This post will explore both personalities of the elements and how they are predictive in their interaction in the birth chart.


The first of the elements is Fire, which is assigned to Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. It is of the nature to energize and is always of the quality of masculine energy, as it thrusts energetically into its environment without the hesitation or fear of being canceled by the modern whims of our current intellectual environment.  Fire pushes forth in the spring as Aries, it consolidates in the summer heat as Leo, and it disperses into the universe in the fall as Sagittarius. It explores constantly and is fascinated by its own emanations. Fire signs must not be contained for it is contrary to their nature. Do not expect to be able to do so, for any attempts will cause them or you harm. They function to encourage those in their lives as an expression of their highest vibration. You should know a fire sign takes create joy and mirth in kidding, for fire is energetic and mirthful. They do well by engaging in the meditation practice of motion and energy.


The second element is that of Earth. It is assigned to Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. While fire expands the nature of Earth is to consolidate. As such, it is feminine in energy, it is slowly enduring, and creating what is to endure. Relying on deep resources and capable of carrying tremendous burdens. Earth nurtures the growth of spring as Taurus, absorbs and transforms the heat of summer into a harvest of abundance as Virgo, and stores being during the cold dryness of winter as Capricorn. What Capricorn do you know who is not cold and dry, but aye, if they are there for you, they will hold you until the end of time, that is if you make it through the guarded gates. Do not mistake earth signs for being uninterested, for they are unabashed sensualists, having textile sensations as their dominant expression. They function to support those in their lives at the highest expression. They do well by meditating on stillness such as Shamatha and vipassana.


The third element to arise is Air. Contrary to Earth Far which is settling, it is always rising and giving birth to novel notions, thoughts, and ideas. Air is a masculine energy as it severs through its constant state of contemplation. It is given to Gemini the verbal, Libra the artistic, and Aquarius the logical. Air always expands freeing itself of definitions. As such it is a masculine energy, wandering into the furthest reaches of the mind and independent. Air delights in the late spring season of Gemini in bubbling mirth. Air balances ideas and reconciles opposites while manifesting as Libra in the fall, finally, it crystalizes the sharp qualities of the depths of winter as Aquarius. Behold how a Libra will bring balance to the world around it, both in beauty and in relationships, soothing in voice, through the harmony of delicate air. Air sign’s minds are quick and swift, such that we can only play in the shadow of their brilliance. Do not mistake this for shallowness though, for their swiftness is a gift that bestows up on all intelligence. They do well meditating through logic, philosophy, and applied perfections of rational understanding. Thus, they emit clarity.


The fourth element is water. It is assigned to Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. While air applies measure and reason through the expanse of the principle of intelligence, Water brings an understanding through the depth of being to the world. Water is a feminine energy as it accommodates and envelopes. It is fluid, and emotional, and runs deep like the coming and going of the tides. With a vast understanding, water signs can accommodate others. Water nurtures as Cancer in the spring, during the fall it deepens as Scorpio, and finally, in the winter it expresses vastness of depth as Pisces. If I were to speak of Pisces, surely you would agree that to know them is to know an unfathomable process of experiencing the world through deep emotional being. In the depths of water signs, many a Percival has become lost on his journey to the hidden wisdom of the heart. Tread wisely, my friends. Do not expect to understand a water sign, for they are beyond the process of intellect and rather know of being as an experience of synesthesia at heart. They function to draw forth the depths of those they love. They do well by meditating with faith and compassion.


Fire and Air exist in sextiles and oppositions, so they enforce one another. Water and Earth exist in harmonious sextiles and disharmonious opposition, so they also enforce one another, and in addition, bring balance to each other.

Water and Air square and inconjunct to one another, so they do not relate. One is always feeling, and the other is always thinking. Earth and Fire likewise have this relationship, as do water and Fire and Earth and Air. Thus, the inharmonious elements constantly turn against one another creating strife without balance.

As you look at the astrology chart, look at which planets do not relate because of their elemental nature. This brings interesting insight into what the person is expressing and having a challenge in expressing.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse By Gregory Gebhardt from Laguna Beach, CA, USA

For example, if we look at Amy Winehouse’s chart we see that both her Sun and Mercury are in the element of Earth. Mercury is the ruler of her Ascendant, and the Sun is her Vitality and sense of Self. Her ascendant ruler seeks to consolidate, but her Ascendant being Air, even though it beholds the Ascendant by Square cannot reconcile its nature with its ruler. Thus, she finds no joy in herself. Furthermore, Both the Ascendant Ruler and its Sun are not able to harmonize elementally with either of the benefics, with both Jupiter and Venus in fire signs. She is thus not able to contain her creative fire which overwhelms her soul and expresses through a Trine to Neptune a universal soul, but one too big for her persona to hold.  However ruling the 5th, its creative expression goes far beyond anything that can be expected and taps into the emotions of the world soul, making her an undeniable queen of music.

What her soul and persona does find easy to connect with is an 8th house Moon that does have access to a 6th house Saturn by its elemental harmony. Her depression from not being able to contain her passions leads to her death by overdose. This occurred when her nodes opposed one another, her Solar Arc Directed Jupiter conjuncted her natal Moon in the 8th, Her secondary Progressed moon had just conjuncted her natal Moon, and her Solar Arc Directed Moon squared her Pluto. All of which was too much for her elemental imbalance to contain.

Grab a chart and study this way of looking at it. You will find it useful in your delineations.

This does not do justice indeed to the elements, it is a peak, a brief preview, a lifting of the skirt, and a revealing of the lace. It is for you to study astrology and come to understand how the elements are pervasive in interpretation, both mundane and of the soul and its concerns. Be not shy and until the next time, may you enjoy, be good to others, and cause no harm with your thoughts, speech, and actions.

If you would like me to go over with you how the four elements work in your chart, we can do that! Click the link below.

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