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James Camerons Avatar is on its way to becoming the top grossing box office hit of all time. Its use of CGI technology, Science Fiction and Eco Mythic plot has struck a nerve in our society that is going to cause it to quickly break all previous box office financial and attendance records world wide. We can ask, why this movie and why now. Astrology has a very simple and direct answer. It is, the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Aquarius.

First let us talk about why. Jupiter represents idealism, spirituality, what is good, alive, abundant, large and expansive. Neptune represents the unconscious and other worldly as a dream experience, an illusion, a visionary experience, an untouchable and unknowable reality. Neptune is the mysterious, but also the visionary, ethereal, spiritual, and hopeful or deluded. First and formeost, when these two large gas planets combine we get big, and Avatar is huge. Over a thousand people worked on the technical production alone. Technology had to catch up with the vision of James Cameron’s script. It took film making¬† beyond its previous boundaries and set a new standard for the science fiction and fantasy film.

Avatar is a dream film, it is also an illusion, the Na’vi are CGI taken from real actors, a good deal of the film is flawlessly computer generated and then woven into the actual footage, giving the impression that it is real. The Na’vi themselves are a spiritually idealistic people, in the sense that they live in harmony with nature. They are one with a great mind that is plant based, dream like and in the other world. The world they live in is utopian and the people who work with the Avatars in the film are living the dream of being in a new body that is not theirs.

The Neptune Jupiter aspects of the film are undeniable making it a great escapist film with an idealistic natural message. This Idealism is even further reinforced by the planets both being in Aquarius, which is the sign of the universal, tribal, Utopian idealist. Thus in the film we do not get many shades of gray, we get the good, and ideal, the Na’vi and their way of life which is in harmony, and the bad and corrupted, corporate consumptive capitalism. Aquarius is an air sign, and the film has a good deal of its action taking place with in the air, and the planet Pandora itself has a lighter gravity, thus mountains actually float in the air.

This is the what of the Neptune Jupiter conjunction, now how about the when…well, believe it or not, the film was released theatrically between Dec. 16th and 18th, 2 to 4 days before the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius.

We will be able to look back historically and say, what flim embodied this conjunction and its meaning, and the answer will be Avatar.

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