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Printed astrology reports


Printed astrology reports


Printed reports from the computer, whether natal and compatibility reports are a great aid for studying your chart and the charts of relationships. For those who are looking to learn more about astrology, these are a personalized tool for beginning to dive into the meet and bones of what signs, houses, and planet placements mean in your life and the life of those who you love. They do not replace the capacity of a professional astrologer to give you a nuanced reading, but are an aid on the path. You may find contradictions within the reports as you read them. In general there is a rule of three in astrology. This means that if a chart indication repeats itself, then it has more weight in how it expresses into the reality of your life.

A printed transit report for the year is also available. All printed reports are included with a paid natal reading.

You will need to email me your birth date, time, and place. Your report will be sent within 24 hours.


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