Ophiuchus Ophiuchus is the constellation of the healer, he is also known as Asclepius. A constellation is different from a zodiac sign. Constellations are star groupings, signs are archetypal energies based upon numerology, seasons, and constellations. There can be a little confusion about the two, as there are 12 signs, and they match the 12 […]

You are still a Scorpio, a response to the crazy media.

I have been asked by many friends and clients to write about the “new discovery” of the “new Zodiac”.  So to start with, there is no new zodiac, and nothing about astrology has changed. That there are two Zodiacs, the tropical and the sidereal, has been dealt with extensively by professional astrologers for over 2 […]

The Ascendant Meditation

The ascendant is the point in the chart where zodiacal sign and degree was ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific place and time of your birth. In astrology it is what gives you your original personality nature. for the ascendant is different for everyone, and distinguishes us, from someone who was born at […]