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A Natal Astrology Reading examines your birth chart and its potential. It will include how to make the most out of your life with your gifts and talents, the best time to approach using those gifts and talents for personal and professional success, and any dangers to be on the look out for.  At request, it includes a printed transit report and we can record the reading through Zoom. This is a 60-minute reading.

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A Natal reading is looking at the chart from our best estimate of the moment of your birth. In a natal astrology reading, we will look at how the signs, planets, and luminaries are placed within your astrology chart. From that, we will weave together the mythology of your life, the meaning of the experiences you have had, and the coming stories that will unfold as your life progresses.

In this reading, you will enter a rich dialogue with the universe. The language is of a dialogue with your astrology chart. The subject that is being read is your body, life, and soul. The result is an enriching story that gives meaning to your challenges and highlights your strengths. If you have not had an astrology reading with me before, I highly recommend that you have this reading first. The reading can be done in person if you are local to Portland. Otherwise, it is done over Zoom. This is a 60-minute reading. If you need a sliding scale to make it workable for your finances, email me, please. If you need to book on a Saturday or Sunday please email me first. 

This reading comes with a 20-page natal chart report. I will need your birth date, time, and place to proceed with the reading.

Saturday and Sunday are available for bookings if those are your only available days, I am a parent and husband who gets pulled into family life so if you book on a Saturday or Sunday, there is a chance that I will have to reschedule and will let you know with in 24 hrs if that is the case.


8 reviews for Astrology Reading

  1. Savannah S. (verified owner)

    This was my first time having an astrology reading, and I was very impressed!

    Dorje was so wonderful, he truly wanted to get to know you on a personal level to give you the most accurate and beneficial reading. He was extremely knowledgeable and detailed. But also spoke so the average person (like myself) can understand!

  2. Catherine C

    I chose to get my first astrology reading from Dorje, as recommended by a friend. I was greatly satisfied and felt the reading fulfilled all my questions and intentions I entered the reading with. Dorjes reading provided a safe and enriching learning environment. Dorje explained everything in a way I could understand and grasp, so I felt like I really was able to take away a deeper understanding of my chart.

    Before entering the reading I made sure to follow Dorje’s pre-reading preparation instructions that helped me create an environment where I could be the most receptive to this information and absorb it to the most benefit. I really appreciated his guidance on how to prepare for a reading, it helped me go into the space with clear intentions. I will definitely be returning to Dorje for astrological guidance in the future! So thankful to have this greatly informative first experience with the tool of astrology!

  3. Aerica (verified owner)

    Doing this reading was time and money well spent! Dorje is a very knowledgeable and empathetic person that offered me the wisdom and guidance that my specific chart offered. Speaking with him was like talking to an friend I had known for many years! If you’re on the fence about doing this, I encourage you to schedule as it is a wonderful and enlightening experience!!

  4. Jerome Stueart

    Dorje really knew how to make my current situation make sense. I could easily follow his interpretations as we went. He showed me how my birth chart mapped out my strengths and struggles—and when it came to career questions, he showed me what kind of work was temporary, what I had been relying on that wasn’t as good of a fit as what the universe was encouraging me to do. It wasn’t something out of the blue— this vocation, this calling, matched what I’d wanted to do. But this felt so validating! Like a True North moment. Like the Universe was saying–yeah, you knew this, but you’ve been struggling and here’s why. We even looked at when things would get a bit easier for me–and how to prepare for that. I walked away from this reading with a very clear understanding of my value and worth, of what I offer the world, and of who I am. I also came out with clear steps to take, a plan and an idea of where all this was going. It was the most supportive, compassionate, and empowering reading I’ve ever had. Dorje showed me a window into me, and into my future, and I’m incredibly grateful for this.

  5. Karin Falcone Krieger (verified owner)

    Dorje led me on a generous trip through the astroscape of my birth and current intentions. He is a kind teacher who entrusted me with specifics of how a chart functions and the timing of life changes. His prayerful, philosophical and heartful intention is deep, and the great gift of this care supported a lively conversation in real time with my astrological chart and a video recording to review again. If you are on the fence, sign up for his weekly email newsletter, which won me over with its fine writing and balance of humor and technical precision.

  6. Luke Hanlon

    Dorje is a next-level astrologer! He was able to quickly identify why and where I was stuck, and then synthesized various solutions for those blockages. To do so with care and true compassion is the mark of, not only a great astrologer, but one who stands out amongst the masses. I can 100% recommend booking a reading for any reason (before the price continues to rise as he gets busier and busier!)

  7. Rosa Salazar

    I feel so grateful to have stumbled upon Dorje. He is a fantastic astrologer, plus he is kind and compassionate. Don’t hesitate to book a reading with him.

  8. Barrie Connell (verified owner)

    Dorje is an incredible astrologer. His warmth and sprit put you immediately at ease as you melt into the journey of your chart that provides clarity about the past and present. He’s fantastic, was spot on and I’ve already recommended him to friends. I already want to book another reading! I give more than 5 stars, he was that good.

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