The Wheel of Accomplishment


A guidebook for using astrology to better your life by creating good and fulfilling habits using your astrology chart


Do you want success in life through astrology? This Book is designed to help you succeed in life using the Sun traveling through the 12 houses of your astrology chart as a means of setting goals and creating good habits that enrich your life. Astrology is not just meant to be predictive but is a co-creative process with the world where you time your actions to be successful and harmonious. Through the use of this technique, you can continuously inspire yourself and find more happiness and fulfillment in your life for yourself, your partner, your family, and all whom you love.

Following the Sun as it travels through the 12 places of your astrology chart you will focus on a goal aligned with the theme of that house. Because the Sun is there for a whole month you get to enrich your experience with that house topic. It also serves as a fun way of learning astrology and practically applying it to your life.



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