Sun in Taurus 2024 Report


A rising sign by rising sign exploration of what is in store over the next 4 weeks while the Sun transits through Taurus.


Although Monet had no significant planets in the sign of Taurus, his paintings remind me of the earthy beauty of Taurus. Every year the Sun spends 4 weeks in the sign of Taurus. When the Sun enters the Earth sign of Taurus, we are greeted with a capacity to enjoy the experience of being humans.  This joy is the fulfillment of coming to settle into an experience of self that Aries brings about as part of a natural cycle of the zodiac. Taurus is a gate of settling into embodiment. Over the month, it is important to look at what brings you peace and contentment in your life. This is a time to contemplate if why internal and external blocks there are to feel relaxed and at peace within and outside of you. What changes can be made to just savor the experience of being alive?

This report takes a deep dive into what every rising sign can expect while the Sun is in Taurus in 2024.


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