Astrological Election Reading

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Electional astrology reading is used to determine the right time to start something or engage in an action. This can be a wedding, a business, a job, a career, moving into a house, or making a major purchase.

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When to use Electional astrology? When starting a relationship, such as a marriage. When starting a business. When moving into a new house. Some people even use it to time the taking of tests, traveling, or sales trips. It can also be immensely helpful for timing surgeries.

Electional astrology is based upon the idea that the results of an action is determined by when an action is begun. ”The forms of this composite world are obedient to the forms of heaven(Ptolomy, The Centiloquium)” or “All that is and becomes in this world, that is, by means of generation and corruption, is caused by the 120 conjunctions” (Ptolomy, The Centiloquium ).

A wise people can use to the benefit of themselves and others. A good astrologer can determine when to start a project in accordance with the stars and planets, thus maximizing the chance of the desired outcome for the project. This is the fourth dimension of our activities. The dimension of timing ensures the capacity and durability of things. It is only the art of astrology that can help accurately give one an advantage in the art of timing.

During this reading, we will go over the best time to start the event or project you are engaging in. It will be up to you to actually start the project or activity at that time. This is not a guarantee of success, rather it is maximizing the best time to increase your chances of a desired outcome.

3 reviews for Astrological Election Reading

  1. Karen

    I’ve consulted with Dorje for almost 10 years now for both personal and business related matters and the readings have always been extremely helpful and insightful. With Dorje’s help, I feel more confident and connected to my own intuitive voice and that of the cosmos.

    San Francisco

  2. Dani (verified owner)

    The interactions and conversations I’ve had with Dorje have been insightful and positive. The zoom call we had for the astrology election was very emotional and Dorje made me feel relieved- he is such an easy person to talk to. Can’t wait for more of these!

  3. Damian

    I’ve read a few astrological things here and it is just the right stuff for me to develop my understanding. Your election really hellped me.
    I surprise how a lot effort you put to make the sort of magnificent informative explanation. Thank you.

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