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Now I want to look at the figurehead for the revolution. His name is Mir Hussein Moussavi. His chart is really quite interesting really in the light of current events. He was born in Khameneh Iran on the 21st of September 1941. His birth time has not been released as a matter of public record. Because of this we will set the birth time at 12 noon. This of course limits our ability to read the houses, which are a very big and important part of natal astrology. It is the houses that really give place and shape to the wonderful colors of the signs and voices of the planets. Still with the colors and voices we can tell a lot about Mir Moussavi and what his callings are, and more importantly, why his calling is now.

First let us look at how his Nodal axis is a Mercury Jupiter Axis. This is an axis that is philosophical (Jupiter) and Rational (Mercury) in its struggles for growth. It shows a person who struggles with the opposition of faith and logic and through which ideally develops a deep faith of personal philosophy.

Any planet aspecting the nodes by square, which is called the bends of the nodes, or conjunction is going to be pivotal in a karmic way in that person’s life. Can you guess what planets aspect Moussavi’s nodes. Yes that’s right, Neptune and Jupiter, which embody the green Revolution. Neptune conjuncts his north node. Neptune is a planet that invokes spiritual idealism. It is also exactly conjunct the Sun. We thus have a person whose destiny is to be spiritually and philosophically idealized by the masses and a figure head for their wish to have boundless freedom. Neptune here conjunct the Sun also shows a strong possibility of Martyrdom, as Neptune can very powerfully dissolve ones life force if it becomes active in a chart.

Next we find that Jupiter, which is the planet of the statesman, philosopher, and advocate is on the bends of the nodes. Thus Moussavi is also destined to play a role as all three of the above, especially when Jupiter becomes aspected in his chart. This Jupiter is trine Mercury, and receiving its blessings by being in Gemini. That Makes Moussavi a very skilled speaker and user of technology. He is known as a technocrat and has been using facebook to send out his communiqués.

This has been a simple first hand look at Moussavi’s chart. But I put forth it exemplifies the importance of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in the Green Revolution of Iran. We can conclude that Moussavi will be a significant historical figure in the changes that Iran is undergoing now, whether he lives….or not.

Moussavi's Birth Chart
Moussavi's Birth Chart

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