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Letting go of old thought patterns: Aquarius Lunar Eclipse August 2017

The beautiful moon

The Eclipse Happy lunar eclipse day. We are in a very exciting eclipse season here in America. It is the first great solar eclipse where the eclipse will traverse the entire continent, since June 1918. It is also the first full solar eclipse in America since 1979. Eclipses have always held a kind of mystic […]

Donald Trump’s first house and the Emperors Clothes.

My last article on Trump looked briefly at his astrology for an over view of his motives. Before going into more predictive modes, I thought it would be enjoyable to delve deeper into his chart and its psychological indications. We will go house by house. The ascendant which marks the person and their individual motives […]

Volkswagen, Your time has come.

Volkswagen, you deceptive tool of a car company, poisoning the atmosphere, killing humans with your gas, your charade has come to an end. It is interesting to me, how this fits together astrologically. I mean really, it makes perfect sense based on the motion of the stars and planets right now. Come with me on […]