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But the glory of the emperor was a fickle thing

My last article on Trump looked briefly at his astrology for an over view of his motives. Before going into more predictive modes, I thought it would be enjoyable to delve deeper into his chart and its psychological indications. We will go house by house.
The ascendant which marks the person and their individual motives is conjunct Mars. DJT was born at 10:54 am according to agreed upon records, if it was 10:55 he is a virgo rising with his Ascendant at 0 degrees virgo. I am going to go with that. The reason is, that the Sun exactly conjuncts the Asc by solar arc direction when he became president. The Sun illuminates. It brings glory. In DJT’s case it is also the ruler of the 12th of jail, insanity, hidden enemies. It seems that when DJT’s sun conjuncted his asc. his hidden dealings, his personality, and his hidden enemies all came to the for with vengeance simultaneously as he rose to the greatest personal power and glory promised by his chart and allowed by the US political system.

DJT’s Asc is conjunct Mars in Leo. This gives him a “my way or the highway” syndrome he exhibits in full force. For a Mars conjunct Ascendant without a balancing factor there is no middle ground. There is no art of the deal. He will rush head long into whatever his current desires are, and move swiftly on from successes as well as failures. The style is brash and hurried. We saw this in relation tho the ACHA or Trumpcare. Mars conjunct Asc. indicates that he cannot in any way approach a problem from a rational slow and steady view point. His advisors are thus useless to him, for when he reacts, there is nothing that can hold his Mars back. This Mars is in a fire sign with no dignity in the 12th house (given a Virgo rising chart) and out of sect. Another interesting note about Mars on the Asc. is it gives him tremendous energy, a red complexion, and a famous temper. The Mars is also “out of bounds” which gives it a very wild and untamed display.
He gets away with it. Over and over again, DJT can say things that would sink other political careers. What is it that is special about DJT’s chart that allows this? The most striking point of his chart is that his Ascendant is conjunct the fixed star Regulus. Regulus promises great success of regal authority, as long as revenge is avoided. This may be Trump’s Achilles heel. We are beholden to seeing him attain great success, but at the same time he is engaging in a great deal of political revenge. His sacking of Comey may prove to be what brings articles of impeachment against him. This was done it seems purely out of revenge for a lack of fealty the former FBI director had for Trump. The pool is literally filled with blood and thrashing sharks at this point, so much so that any positive ideals he had or for that matter sinister plans, are all lost in the carnage of his power and inability to remain consistent to any singular political game. It is said of fixed star aspects, that they give great glory but they can cause a severe fall.
It would behoove the republic of the USA to hope that we are witnessing the fall, for there is no chain that can hold the unbound Trump.

On the other hand, Trump has no Earth signs in his chart, this would indicate that behind all of the torrential wind, fire, and water that blows and swirls around him like Jupiter’s great red eye, there is a lack of core strength.

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  1. Very interesting, thank you. I’ve been toying with the notion that he is a Virgo rising and come to similar conclusions based on transits and solar returns. It will be interesting to watch the stars this year and see how they play out regarding his chart, for further confirmation.

    1. Maybe, he has a lot of neurotic Virgo qualities, also I consider that his ego, his id, and his narcissism may be his greatest undoing (Leo in the 12th). It would put the Sun on his MC thus his effect on the culture he was born into would be paramount. I can see a lot of arguments for the Virgo rising Helen.

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