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The Ba Gua shows the movement of forces on heaven and earth, it is composed of Yin and Yang
When looking at the I Ching, first look at the balance of Yin and Yang

Consulting the I Ching has a challenge when initially approaching it. It provides too much information and can be overwhelming. To study the I Ching, start simple. The method I am sharing with you is simple yet can extend into complexity. It doesn’t not rely on books, although I still use the classic Chou I, or Book of Changes text for visual cues. The first and most important task is to understand the movement of Yin and Yang.

Yang and Yin

Yang is active. Yin is passive.

Yang rises and Yin descends.

Yang is masculine and Yin is feminine.

Yang is the generation and Yin is the dissolution.

Yang is display and Yin is emptiness.

Yang is mind and Yin is space

Yang is heaven and Yin is earth.

Yang is light and Yin is dark.

Yang is one and Yin is zero.

When my grandfather taught the I Ching, he said, first you must study Yin and Yang. Walk around for a week and think about what is Yang in things and what is Yin in things. This is a good exercise for learning the I Ching, for the I Ching starts with understanding Yang and Yin. how Yang becomes Yin and how Yin becomes Yang. There is always the seed of Yin in Yang and the seed of Yang in Yin. If you look at the Yin Yang symbol, the opposing dots are the seed of Yin in Yang and the seed of Yang in Yin.

The Tai Chi symbol of Yin and Yang

The Tai Chi symbol is made of Yin and Yang. In the tai chi symbol, the correct way to illustrate it is Yang is white and rising, and Yin which is black is descending. Many people do not even understand this, because knowing why things are what they are is becoming a lost art during the age of hot takes and little contemplation. Yang rises, yin descends. Yang is the force of heaven. Yin is the force of earth. Yang is spirit, Yin is matter.

The universe is in harmony when Spirit descends into matter and imbues it with being. The universe is in harmony when Matter ascends into spirit and imbues it with experience.

All the world can be understood by studying the nature of Yang and Yin. This is a great gift that the sages of ancient China bestowed upon the world, it permeates Chinese astrology, Feng Shui, 5 element medicine, and the I Ching.

When you first look at I ching casting, the very first thing to notice is Yang prevalent, is Yin prevalent. This is a tremendous amount of information about any given situation, and about what is being inquired. It also explains how the situation will need to be handled for the desired outcome. More Yang and one will need to put energy and activity into situation for the desired outcome. More Yin and one will need to be receptive to arrive at the desired outcome.

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