I Ching Consultation


An I Ching reading and consultation.


The I Ching is an ancient method of taping into the primal wisdom of the Dao. By analyzing the interaction of Yin and Yang, the 8 Ba Gua, the Yao, and the elements we can peer into the energy surrounding a situation. Carl Jung said this was because of the mysterious force and power of Synchronicity. I think of it as a direct method of communicating with all pervasive spirit. Whichever it may be, by casting the hexagrams, reading the lines, and the trigrams, tremendous insight into any situation can be had. I come from a lineage of I Ching readers thousands of years old as passed on to me by my Grandfather, Richard Daiensai Kirsten, the first westerner ever to be ordained as a Japanese I Ching priest.

My I ching alter set up

The reading will consist of inquiring of your question, studying the result, and then a half hour phone conversation to return the answer and further explore the topic.


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