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Happy Year of the Ox. 
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Happy Year of the Ox.

Welcome to the Year of the Metal Ox. Originating in Asia, the 60 year cycle calendar is Asian is practiced in a unique and individual way by numerous cultures within the Asian geographical region. The celebration of the lunar new year is now a world wide phenomena. I have been doing forecasts for the year ahead using the sexegenary cycle since the year 2000.

I was first encouraged to do so by one of my kind Lamas, Lama Drimed Norbu. He is a true and excellent yogi of the Nyingma tradition. We would hold a week long ceremony every year to usher in the Tibetan New Year. The aspiration was a new year with no new obstacles. At the end of the ceremony, in the morning we would eat kaptse’s (tibetan fried pastry bread) and drink chang (fermented grain alcohol). We did this at Rigdzin Ling in a manner that we were taught by H.E. Chagdud Tulku the 14th.

The Ox

When contemplating what the year ahead holds, I contemplate the animal and the element nature of the upcoming year. This seems to be a good approach. The animal is obvious, it is the ox. The Ox is the second animal in the cycle. The way the story was told to me is that the 12 animals that make up the Asian Zodiac are in an order set from the time of the Buddha. They had a race to pay homage to the buddha, and the Rat, who is the first animal asked the Ox for a ride. Because the Ox is slow and steady and yet strong, he was the first to make it to the Buddha. The Rat jumped off his head as he began to bow down to prostrate to the Buddha, and was thus the first animal in the cycle.

I can tell you that the Ox are slow steady and powerful. I have two boys who are Ox’s and they stubbornly plod ahead to get whatever they want. They are rather relentless in that way. We can expect this year to be one of slow and steady progress towards goals. The Rat is known for being tricky and also carrying disease. We are through that now, but the slow steady progress of the Ox is probably going to seem a little boring. Look at President Biden! No one is even noticing him as he slowly and steadily governs. It is not him, it is the year of the Ox. That is the way it goes.

The Ox tills the fields traditionally. Think of this year as a year to prepare the ground for future crops. You are going to divide the earth that is you life, and sew seeds that will bring you harvest. Do not hurry, there is no need this year. Be steady and sure in everything. This is the lesson of the Ox.

The Yin Metal (Iron) Ox

The Iron Ox is imperturbable. It is a force of nature that can not be stopped. Yin Metal is associated with a dagger or a needle. This Ox is then focused but passive. The Ox has pointed horns. They are yin metal and if you try to force your way around obstacles this year, they will strike you with little daggers. Instead we have to work strong and steady to our goals and work away at our obstacles with steadiness. Do not get in the way of the Bulls dagger horns. Bulls also were used to help move bricks and create the foundations of buildings. Think of this year as a year to create strong foundations for the future.

The Ox is opposed the Ram, and square Dog and Dragon. It is said that during Ox years Ox, Sheep, Dogs, and Dragons can have obstacles. Oxen should look to eduction to get past this years obstacles. Sheep will avoid obstacles if they refrain from gambling and speculative investments. Dogs will generally have good luck if they avoid being conned by others. Dragons can avoid bad circumstances this year by being decisive and not hesitating. Roosters and Snakes do well during Ox years. If you are a Rooster or Snake you can be more aggressive in your approach to life this year and you have the backing of the Ox. Ox will be your wingman. The harmonious animal to the Ox is the Rat. Having an Image of the Rat or Mice will help you get through the year of the Ox in good shape. I prefer Mickey Mouse.

Yin Metal Earth.

The nuts and bolts of the sexegenary cycle is that the animals are actually symbols of an element. The Bull or Ox is yin earth. So this year is Yin Metal Earth. This is how the system known as Ba Zhi or Four Pillars engages in its analysis. It compares the four pillars of the given hour day month and year to yours. The elements involved and their interaction with each other reveal the nature of the moment or times. To know how you will be effected by the year of the Yin Metal Ox, you actually need a Ba Zhi reader to look at your chart. I can do that, their are others who are good at it too. If you want, you can get a reading from me here. BA ZHI READINGS.

The reason for this is you want to know how all four pillars just mentioned in your chart are effected by the vibration of Yin Metal Earth. The most important thing is how your day pillar is effected. But we can say some general things from just knowing Yin Metal Earth. Since Metal drains Earth we can speculate that in general it will be a dry year. However in regions where metal dominates, such as mountainous regions it will be wetter than usual. Because Metal is considered to be sharp, it is considered to be a year of conflict and aggression. Yin Metal is a dagger, and so it is common to see assassinations during yin metal years. Because Earth produces metal it is a good year to invest in tangible metal assets such as gold or silver.

Earth produces Metal and Metal cuts wood, thus usually it is common for housing markets to fall in Metal years. Metal rules technology, so I would expect the tech sector to continue to be hot and new technologies to come online. Metal also represents the intellect, I would guess that we will see more novel scientific and intellectual thought during this year. Remember if you do not want to get cut, do not get into an argument this year, as sharp knives will about. Since metal is technology and coins, I could see Block Chain Coins really taking off this year for good. This is true of the small ones especially as it is a Yin metal year. Be careful of over investing in Doge though, as the Dog comes with a warning of not being conned. Do not put in more than you can loose.

Because Earth is stability and Metal is clear mind, it is a great year for practicing meditation. Both elements are consolidating in force, so do not expect negotiations to be very fruitful. Like I said earlier, lay the ground work for the next year, but do not push to hard this year. Just go slow and steady and you will come out on top of the race!

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