Chinese Astrology Reading


Chinese Astrology reading, or Ba Zhi for determining destiny using the 5 element cycle.


About Chinese Astrology

The Chinese method of “Four pillars” astrology, or Ba Zhi, is based on the interaction of the five elements, yin and yang energies, and the twelve celestial animal signs of the Chinese metaphysical system. Using this method we look at how the five elements were interacting at the timet of birth, and how they continue to interact through one’s life. Through the “Four Pillars” birth chart, we are able to look at the life to date or into the future, in relation to the “luck pillars”. The luck pillars are the current indications of ones life.

We are able to determine what life has in store for the individual over any given period of time, such as whether one is in a wealth, relationship, power, regeneration, or a highly competitive cycle, each of which runs in a 10 year, one year, and monthly cycle. We can see if these cycles are supportive of an active time in the life, or whether they are geared more towards a passive time that encourages the development of inner qualities and strengths. This method is also helpful for illuminating potential warnings against health and stress problems that could arise from striving against the natural life path. Below is the four pillars for today. To calculate your own for pillars just use the calculator provided below.

I provide detailed Four Pillar astrology readings for those interested in using this approach for analyzing, good fortune, relationships, and destiny. The readings run 60 to 90 minutes.


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