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Venus conjunct Pluto today and we have a prostitution scandal breaking in the national news. This U.S. scandal involves multiple people, the biggest name currently is Robert Kraft, owner of Kraft Foods and the New England Patriots. There are reports that even more well known public figures are involved. Apparently there are videos, and the scandal coming out of Florida, involves not just prostitution, but the darkness of women being sex trafficked against there free will.

Venus and sex

Venus represents the goddess of love and pleasure. The pleasure of physical enjoyment is represented by Venus. She represents sex, hence the common root between the words Venus and venereal. Venus of course represents young women. In this case the symbol of young women prostitutes who give pleasure and massages fits perfectly with the aspect occurring today, as well as the news report.

When we speak of physical enjoyments we are speaking of lesser enjoyments because the physical world is one that is dense and heavy in its energy. This idea is delineated from the idea that Jupiter represents greater pleasure. Greater pleasure is the pleasure that comes from prayer, good deeds, philosophy, the practice of the four immeasurables, and the practice of the six paramitas. We all love a good Venus moment though.

Pluto and slavery

Pluto represents the underworld and the hidden. That which has been dark and involves deep power. In this case we are seeing Pluto manifest as powerful and wealthy people who are seeking services of the young women. They are seeking these services in a hidden manner. This is so interesting, because someone like Robert Kraft could probably afford an open relationship. He could have sex with beautiful young women with no real problems, given his ability to financially support other people. But the current investigation suggests he instead followed the path of Pluto. He sought hidden sexual relationships perhaps knowing they were illicit. Pluto also is associated with the criminal world. Trafficking humans is a form of criminal slavery, whether they are used as servants, workers, or engaged in sex.

Is Pluto a signifier of slavery, we have to ask here. Traditional astrologers commentary on slavery may no longer be appropriate for our current understanding of it. Most of the societies of our world we no longer accepts human slavery and trafficking as an acceptable form of relationship. Traditional astrologers take on slavery might be more appropriately assigned to minimum wage workers, credit card and debt holders, and victims of mass incarceration and the work they do. These are questions that practitioners of the astrological craft have to think about as they read traditional books. How has the nature of transforming societal mores, cultural behaviors and philosophies changes significators. Seeing as how slavery is now a hidden aspect of society deeply ingrained with power dynamics, I feel comfortable saying Pluto can be used as a significator of slavery.

The Moon is always involved

The third pepper in our astrological dish today the Pluto Venus conjunction is being squared by the Moon. It is a traditional astrological aphorism that the moon carries out the will of the planets. Where is the Moon squaring Pluto and Venus from? Libra! Is it not fitting that Libra is the scales of justice. It is my wish that the shining light of the scales of justice help relieve the darkness of sex trafficking.

If Venus conjunct Pluto is aspecting any point in your chart that is square, conjunct, or opposed 21 degrees Capricorn, you are being asked to examine how fixation on pleasure causes harm. Pleasure and passion are a joy to be given to yourself and others. Use it for good medicine, to uplift and create happiness in the world, and you will be transforming this planetary aspect into one that only brings joy.

Robert Kraft

Now why did this hit Robert Kraft now. His astrology chart is here, it is rated AA by Astrodienst. You will see that his midheaven and Neptune in Virgo are trine his Neptune in Capricorn. The Pluto Venus conjunction forms a grand trine with the two aforementioned points. His sixth house is ruled by Venus, and the sixth house is associated with slaves. Venus is associated with sports as well as young women. This is a healthy dose of be careful of trines, they can make it to easy to get in trouble. Looking at this chart, there is a lot to say about the success and challenges of Robert Kraft, so I will come back and revisit the chart in a later post.

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