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The premise

Mars has just had its final conjunction with Uranus in Aries. This is the last planet that will conjunct Uranus in Aries until 2095, by which time anyone reading this will not be interested in the matter anymore.  What did Uranus in Aries do to human society this time around? It is time for a retrospective.

In contemplating astrology and the never ending debate between fate and freewill, predictive astrology and psychological astrology, as well as astrology as medium of shamanism, philosophy, or even science. All these categories fall under the realm of humans trying to understand their world. Astrology is certainly a method of understanding the world around you.

The art of war

Aries is the planet associated with the god of war. If our mythology is working well we should see that war was revolutionized in the last 8 years. The last time Uranus was is Aries was 1928-1936. We could reasonably surmise that at this time there was a revolution in how wars were to be fought. The art of war during that decade went from being about naval and ground power to being about air power. The army with the greatest air power would win the next great war and redefine world geopolitical boundaries for the century to come.

During the transit of Uranus through Aries this cycle we saw the art of war once more being redefined. War was no longer about air power but became about information and electronic power. While we in the U.S. slept, Russia developed a new form of war called information war that took us by complete surprise. This form of war made use of our online social networks to put into place their preferred form of leadership in our government. This is the purpose of war, to replace the leadership of a foreign country with one favorable to your nation state interests.  


Aries also being a fire sign rules energy. During the transit of Uranus through Aries in the 20s and 30’s we saw oil and gas become the major drivers of economy and society. Although it was not fully evident at the time, the petrol industry would rule the building and falling of nations and economy for the next 80 years.

During the transit of Uranus through Aries this cycle we saw the rise of alternative carbon free energy modalities. Wind and solar have surged and we are by necessity transiting out of carbon-based fuels as economic drivers. While the full implementation of this energy revolution is not fully evident, it is certainly going to radically alter human society and political economic structures.

Nation states

Aries is associated with self-authority. Like in the 20’s and 30’s this transit of Uranus through Aries has caused a break down in the cooperative works of nation states. Nations are now shoring up their borders and demanding autonomy to exercise their own free will. In the U.S. we are building walls and making America great again. In the EU England is navigating a break up from the rest of Europe. The Baltic states including Ukraine continue to try and define themselves as not Russia. China is asserting itself as having rights over the pacific and rejecting the old international order.

Unfortunately, this seeming effect of Uranus in Aries led to a global war during the previous Uranus in Taurus transit. Let us all pray with good intentions that does not happen again.   

Societal shifts

Perhaps most importantly in looking at how Uranus transiting Aries changes humanity, we should consider that Aries is the new. Therefore, it is new thoughts, philosophies, and directions for global society that come into consciousness of the global psyche. This is subtler to read than the previous two ideas. I would propose that the novel idea that was inculcated in the late 20’s to mid-30’s was human rights. While it has taken an entire Uranus cycle to bring the idea to a global scale, it is now such a large part of the conversation that nation states resisting the idea must actively combat it with news, internet, and social controls.

What novel progress has Uranus ushered in this time as it has careened through Aries. It is entirely likely that we will not be able to see it at the present. I can only venture a guess. I believe that economic rights is going to be the new human rights of the next cycle. To me this means that in the next 80 years we will see a movement to eradicate poverty as a human condition. It will be more or less successful for the majority of humans on the earth, just as human rights have become more or less successful in moving the moral of compass of humanity over the last 80 years, but by no means eradicated despotic suppression of people in various local around the earth during any given year.

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