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According to the [wikipop search=”days of the week”]Chaldean order of the days[/wikipop], which may be far more ancient than the Chaldean civilization,  that is just the first written recording we have of days being named in such a way, Tuesday is ruled by Mars. This means that on Tuesdays, the energy of Mars is more palpable and can be felt more directly.

Now there is a real good way of subtly refining the way you work with the lunar calendar through the signs. You add the current moon sign to the Chaldean order of the days. If we were to do that today we would get a Mars day in a Moon sign ruled by Scorpio. So what does that mean for the vibrational energy of humanity today. Well, here in America, we get General McChrystal (Mars, the Warrior), being called to task for emotional revelations (scorpio) of his personality clash to President Obama (Scorpio also rules relationships). This was the dominate news story of the day and fits perfectly with the natural energy of the day.

So experiment combining them both in your meditations and your activity. Try using this refined meaning of the energy of the day to your advantage, and know on which days to be cautious. You may find this very helpful. I will post more examples as they arise.

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