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The moon, considered by the ancient western astrologers as the gateway of the soul to the earth, has always been an object of veneration and mystery for humanity.  The moon’s movements through the archetypal zodiac signs creates a monthly pulse that a person can use to develop their sensitivity to the natural flow of the world around them. This subtle dynamic energy of life and personality which is observable as the moon travels through the archtypes of the zodiac, has a pause points. We call these pause moon void of course. A void of course moon is when the moon is in one of the Zodiac signs, but will make no further aspects to a planet while in that sign. This  can occur for only a few minutes, or can even last a couple of days. It usually occurs every two days.

Western astrological thought at its roots is influenced by the aristotilian idea that as the soul descendeds from the divine it picks up pure energy from the planets and then this energy in its natural divine order is scrambled as the soul travels through the moon on its final descent to earth. It is inferred that the moon is the translator of the energy of the planets. Sahl, a Persian astrologer who lived in the 9th century, stated it thus, “Know that the Moon, whose circle is closer to the earth than the circles of all the planets, is similar to the things of the world more so than all the planets. Do you not see that man begins being small, then he grows until he is finished? The moon does likewise. Therefore, consider the Moon as significatrix of all matters: Because her soundness is the soundness of every matter: and her detriment is the detriment of every matter. And she pushes her own disposition likewise to him to whom she projects her own rays, and to whom, of the planets, she is joined: and she changes her own being to that planet( and this planet is called the “receiver of the disposition” because he receives what has been committed to him)> Therefore the moon herself is these planets’ bearer of information, and she reconciles them and bear off from certain ones of them to others.”1 The implication here is that it is the moon which translates the energies of the planets.

So what happens when no planetary energies are left for the moon to transmit when in a given sign? The moon is void of course. There is no direction left for a matter to undertake. Traditionally void of course moon was used in Horary and electional astrology. It has also come to be associated with the idea that actions undertaken when the moon is void of course will come to not. In other words, there is no planetary energy to drive an action to fulfillment.

This is why in l we would avoid signing contracts, starting projects, initiating stock trades, initiating new relationships and planting seeds when the moon is void of course. During this time unexpected events occur, or plans go awry.  Because of this, the general recommendation of astrologers is during a void of course moon, is to stick to routines or projects that are already under way. It is thus the time to indulge your laziness and rest. If you try and push through that term paper or grant proposal when the moon is void of course, it is probably going to be frustrating and need a rewrite anyways, so instead take the opportunity to be nurturing to your soul, enjoy some tea and think about things. People do this naturally anyways, and it can be observed that during void of course moons less people eat out at restraints, go to movies, or engage in social activities.

The most common recommendation for a void of course moon is that you do something spiritual. Like yoga, or tai chi, or meditate. Certainly watching Lost or Battlestar Galactica can be spiritual, why not? The point is that you can take advantage of the void of course moon to relax. Our society is mad with accomplishing, so allow the void of course moon to help inform your nurturing still side. There is another implication, which is it is easier to perceive the spiritual when the moon is in this passive moment.

A spiritual practice can be very potent during void of course moon, Michal Mugrage, a healer and soul worker in Arcata, has noticed that she can see  subtle energies and spirits more clearly when the moon is void of course. For those who practice sitting meditation, thoughts will be less disturbing. The moon is not pushing a planetary energy into the atmosphere at this time, so we can reflect more clearly on where our own hearts are. It is a time when we, as confused humans, with very scrambled energies, can go deeper into the stillness of our souls. When we are there, in that stillness, we will find a peace that is not in need of any material goods, or cravings. We will be free of our habitual patterns of anger and desire, and completely satisfied. Then, when we come out of our void of course meditation, back into coursing action, we will be clear, and have a pure heart.

This is the best way to work with Void of Course moon. Using it as a tool to help enrich and purify our hearts, so that we can be better human beings.  When the moon is direct, channeling a planets energy, then it is upon us to use that planets energy in a conscious way. As an example, take when the moon is squaring mars in Capricorn. Well, this planetary energy could be used to wage war (Mars) to define state boundaries (Capricorn), as Isreal doing in Gaza at the writing of this article. It may have served the state of Isreal better to engage in aggressive (Mars) statesman diplomacy (Capricorn), as a use of this planetary transit. The nature of mankind though, is one of unconscious impulses propelling action. When we use the moon void of course as a time to reflect on our emotions and souls, then we are bringing consciousness to our lives, as well as humanities.

If you reflect upon it, there are many examples of how we react impulsively, and hurt ourselves, others, and the environment through these reactions. Were we to use the void of course moon times to reflect on how we use our lives and what our emotional and spiritual nature is truly like, then conscious directing of planetary energies and impulses becomes more likely.  This is the gift of when the moon is void of course and pure spirit.

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