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Be a courageous warrior when the moon is in Aries

Since it is the work of the moon to bring light to the darkness, let us use the moon to look at the archetype of each sign. To start with there is Aries, which is a cardinal sign, meaning it initiates, begins, and sets in motion. It is a fire sign, meaning it heats, expands and consumes. Being a masculine sign it is active in its actions and masculine in its insertion or assertion. 

The symbol of Aries is the ram. The ram as an animal is strong, adventurous, seeking combat, and quick to temper. The ram has large horns and is capable of quick and intense bouts of fury and forcing its way through gates and boundaries. Aries breaks the zodiac that was consummated in Pisces, which is the end of the previous cycle. In order to initiate the new, we need the Aries energy. Thus the Spiritus Mundi finds itself born in Aries, in an ever circular path of self knowing that is the western circle of life.

The nature of Aries

Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars is hot and dry, not reasonable, but courageous. Mars makes people for whom exercise and identity with the warrior nature can be natural. When the Moon is in Aries start exercise programs. Move, run, lift weights, start hot house yoga. Mars and Aries are best when they are seeking justice for the troubled, wounded, and suffering. Aries looses when it becomes vindictive but wins when it is coming from pure intentions. When the Moon is in Aries always make sure to set good motivations for the astrological cycle, just as one would do during the new moon. 

Being emotional and of fire, the moon in Aries is quick to react and can find itself over reacting. Many rams have fallen off the cliff jumping and leaping into an exciting mission without looking at where the territory leads. Moon in Aries is gifted in leaping first, but does best to think through its actions, which is the lesson it learns when the moon moves into Taurus. 

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