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Mars and Venus will be entering exact conjunction again on July 13th 2021. What does this conjunction foretell? If it falls on a point of personal power for you, that is in tight aspect to an inner natal planet in your chart, if foretells of great transformation. It was suggested by Robert Blasche and Stephan Arroyo, that this is a conjunction of spiritual transformation. To examine this ourselves we need to appreciate the myth of Venus and Mars. The reason for this is that to connect with and make use of astrology, it helps to relate to the planets as living mythological forces in your life.

Mars is the energetic God of War and Venus is the sensuous Goddess of creative pleasure and delight. It is important to know they can switch roles though. Mars is force and Venus is receptivity. Both of them are facets of passion.  In your chart, as well as for the world, they are playing out mythological archetypal roles. Mars is sending you challenges that you must rise up to. He can be helpful, neutral, or really have it out for you, depending on his sect, sign placement, and aspect. The same goes for Venus.


Think of it this way, where Mars falls in your chart, that is a place where you must rise to the challenge and be a warrior. Where Venus falls in your chart, that is a place where you will find delight and pleasure. If Mars is in Aries in the 2nd house then, for example…well Mars is happy in Aries, so you are going to find many allies in your war to gain possessions and good loot! congratulations. But if he is in Aquarius, where he is bored stiff and completely neutral, you are going to have to invoke consciously that warrior spirit to make it happen. If he is, on the other hand, in Cancer, then he is going to be uncomfortable being aggressive, and you will have to overcome emotional hesitancy  to be financially victorious. (Of course there will be other factors to be judged but this is a succinct example).


The same will go for Venus. Venus in Libra in the 5th is going to grant you all kinds of pleasure and love. put her in Leo and the 5th and she will be completely neutral, you are going to have to summon consciously the creative goddess, but she will work for you if you do. However put her in her fall in Virgo in the 5th, and she is going to be  finicky and difficult, becoming sensually relaxed will be a challenge.

The Love of Mars and Venus

Mars, and Venus, that is the mythic Gods, are lovers. They actually worked really well together, Mars would calm down in the presence of Venus. He really loved killing people and things, it was his great joy, creating havoc and destruction. He was not a nice sort of God from a modern humanistic view, but when you got him together with Venus, it was really wonderful. He would lay down her arms and they would make love. They even had a child, Harmonosia. It is interesting that the Earth lay in between the two planets and is a planet of such harmony that it can support human life. Humans should honor that by trying to be more Harmoniouis.

The aggression of Mars, combined with the beauty and art of Venus, creates Harmony. That is the negatives are canceled out, and creation of something beautiful comes into effect. So it can be like that when Mars and Venus are conjunct in the sky. aIt is a time when u magic can occur, the creation of harmony. Look for it in the sign and house they are conducting in. This time they will conjunct in Leo. This can create a harmonious passion between two people, or in an art project. I will predict that the song of the summer will be sensual and passionate. As well I think music and the arts as well as partying will flourish this summer.

If your natal chart has an aspect to the next conjunction, which will be at 13 degrees Leo, then look for the gift, the gift the two lovers have a really potent gift to offer you.

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  1. Hi Dorje,
    So interesting! Thank you for the insights into Mars & Venus.
    I don’t quite understand where the planets fall into my chart, but I will be learning…
    We are stardust,


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