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Jupiter has gone stationary today. That means that if we look into the sky it will not be appearing to be going forward or backwards in motion. Why does this relate to the revolution in Iran. The ancient sages of astrology assigned the following qualities to Jupiter:

Jupiter has concern over Religion and Truth. He is a planet of Wisdom, Intellect, Philosophy and Good Work. As far as people go, Jupiter rules, Judges, Senators, Councilors, Ecclesiastical men, Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, Doctors of the civil Law and Lawyers.

As we can see, this describes what has been known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, which makes it a theocracy. A theocracy is a government whose final say is the peace craft. Iran may be rather unique in this area. Jupiter is thus has a very strong place as a symbolic planet of Iran’s government affairs.

When a planet goes Stationary and then Retrograde, it going to revisit what that planet is about. It is going to re examine itself. It is going to act out what it intends in a way that is different from the main stream approach it has been using until then. We can see then that a theocracy is going to be challenged right now, as the movement of Jupiter want matters of religion to be reexamined. Let us combine this with an analysis of the land of Iran itself.

Likewise, Jupiter is conjuncting Neptune, which is also retrograde. Neptune creates illusion and deception, as it went retrograde the ruling elite of Iran found there plans to deceve the world on the actual vote fall apart. I would like to give credit to Joseph Crane for pointing out that at the solstice, The Jupiter Neptune conjunction is rising over Tehran. This has the capacity of indicating that it is precisely where the effect of this planetary conjunction will occur in the world. Astrology is truely amazing.

Persia, which is Iran is defined by Ptolomey and other astrologers as being ruled by Tuarus, which means ruled by Venus. At the time of the uprising and failed election, Venus and Mars Conjunct were being squared by the nodes, conjunct the moon. This indicates that the people of Iran (the moon) were at a place of seeking to change the nature of the country. The bends of the nodes are always an indication of great energy that needs to be released. Venus, representing the country is besieged by mars the violent one, and squared the moon. So we have a violent movement from the people to change the nature of the country. This is indeed a Make up for revolution.

Part II tomorrow

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