The Chart Ruler

The chart ruler is like a chariot that can  help you accomplish your goals in life. Here it is also a symbol of the sun.
Let the ruler of your chart be your chariot in life.

This planet is known by numerous names, configured and calculated by varied methods, studied by countless astrologers, the Chart Ruler is said to be the key to unlocking your fortune within your astrology chart.

The chart ruler is said to be the planet with the greatest dignity in the chart. It is the planet which holds the greatest sway over the course of your life and determines more than any other planet what your impetus is to be.

Greek astrology it is divided into three possibilities chart rulers, each having their own specific purpose, the Predominator, the Oikodespotes, or the Kurios. Using those three is a very subtle doctrine of yoga, and one that deserves its own study, which may have been an aspect of mystery schools education for soul transformation. Here we will focus on a simpler method.

In Latin the chart ruler is known by different names according to the astrologer or translator. One is the Almutin Figuris. Ibn Ezra called it the Ruler of the Chart. Bonatti called it the Almudebit. The method for finding this planet is quite complex. I prefer to use Ibn Ezra’s chart ruler for the exercise I will explain below.

The value of the chart ruler

What is the value of finding this one may ask. It is the ruler of ones life. The ruler is considered to hold sway and help determine whether your will live long and be healthy. Or, on the other hand have a not healthy life with a number of challenges. It is used to determine fate within your life and describes your fate.

We are no longer in a society that is fatalistic in the same way as the writers of classical times. Also, modern medicine is capable of giving people a longer life and more vitality than they would usually have. We also are far more concerned with our own success and accomplishments than people in the past used to be. The Aeon has shifted and we are moving out of a mass minded faith based experience indicated by Pisces into a self identified humanitarian nature indicated by Aquarius.

We must evaluate the chart ruler then needs to be addressed with a new or perhaps ancient value other than figuring out ones fate. This value needs to be one based on how does it help the native feel fulfilled, accomplish their life goals and wishes, and gives personal mythological meaning to the native. The chart ruler is absolutely capable of doing such.

My take on the chart ruler

First, I would like to propose that the Chart Ruler can easily be used to determined qualitative experiences in your day. Look at the transits to your chart ruler by the Moon, the Sun, and Mercury as well as other planets. Watch how you perform and what activities you do during the day ruled by your chart ruler. Watch activities and your mental state during the hour ruled by that planet.

To gain boons invoke that chart ruler in your life. Watch how you respond to it and it responds to you. It reveals deep hidden talents in your life and qualities that you give to the world, your country, your employment, and your family.

For instance, if the ruler of the chart is in transit aspect to Neptune, you might experience a delay in feeling the implications of your actions during that time. It is a time for you to dream up new courses of life, but not to expect great accomplishments. You would experience this despite Neptune not aspecting your ascendant, Sun, Moon, as indicators of your general psychological condition.

The Ruler of the chart actually effects your outlook and experience of life. The ruler is an indicator of how your mind is constructed in this life summed up by a single planet. Knowing it is this, you can begin to explore how it frees you from the challenges you experience in life. Even if the chart ruler is challenged by its native condition, it is still true. The challenges, be they be by detriment, improper sect, aspects to malefics, or poor house placements, are actually transformative indicators for the paths to pursue to thrive in your life.

I have a work sheet available for tracking the chart ruler in your life and am happy to help you find it by the technique of Ibn Ezra. Connect with me on twitter and I will send you your chart ruler for free. Let me help you launch into studying how your chart ruler manifests in your life.

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