Guardian Daimon Reading


A reading for determining and using your holy guardian daimon


Your Guardian Daimon

The Guardian Daimon is represented by a planet in the chart. It has been my experience that this planet has the greatest influence on a number of important factors in your life. These are:

  • How you perceive the world
  • How you fulfill your destiny and purpose in this life
  • Your ability to connect with the spiritual and experience fulfillment

This reading is immensely valuable and purposeful. It is useful for the esoteric theurgist as well as for those seeking meaning and myth to enrich their lives. The cost of the consultation is 250 us dollars and will be done in two one hour consultations. The first consultation will be to orient you towards that planet which is the fulfillment of your Guardian Daimon as well as give you the name of your Guardian Daimon in English, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, or Sanskrit, for your own use and meditation.

The second reading will be two weeks later and will be to discuss your own discoveries in working with this concept, word, and meaning.


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