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I love this pirate ship in Tampa Bay.
The Pirates in Florida are at it again.

Who will win, the Buccaneers or the Chiefs? This is my prediction using astrological technique. I will be using a technique based on the commencement of the time of the game. The location is beautiful Tampa Bay on the west coast of Florida. The grand master quarterback of the NFL, Tom Brady, will face the greatest talent in generations at the role, Patrick Mahomes. In a way this will represent the torch passing from one generation to the next. Winning two Superbowls in a row would cement Patrick Mahomes legacy as one of the greatest of all time. Tom Brady is currently considered the GOAT. Without further adieux, here is the chart.

astrology chart of superbowl 55

This chart is very tricky for one reason only. The winner of the game is either the 1st house, the challenger, or the 7th house the challenged. The tricky part of this chart is who is the 1st and who is the 7th. The first according to some are the visiting team, or the underdog. The Buccaneers are according to Tom Brady’s choice wearing visiting team uniforms. Then we would have the Chiefs as 1. the defending champs, 2. wearing the home uniform, and 3. favored to win as the 7th house, or the home team. I am going read the chart as the Buccaneers are the 1st and the Chiefs are the 7th. DISCLAIMER, the game is being played in the home stadium of the Buccaneers, so a case can be made that they are the HOME TEAM. In which case the following analysis should be flipped. I leave the judgement up to you. Because the Bucs played at home they were the home team and the analysis is flipped.

Who wins?

The seventh house is really clutch here. With Saturn in rulership in the seventh and simultaneously in control of both benefics and the sect light the seventh is just a beast. This is opposed to the first house, the Buccaneers are being controlled by the lord of the 7th, the Chiefs. This would represent the Chiefs having a dominant defense. The location of the benefics would also indicate the Chiefs have luck on there side. The next planet the Lord of the 1st the Buccaneers aspect is the Mercury retrograde. By my reckoning this indicates one or two interceptions. Saturn the Chiefs is applying in Conjunction to the benefics which is very fortunate for them. But, they will first apply to Uranus which to me indicates the Buccaneers having the advantage early in the game but them the score reversing course and Chiefs gaining the advantage and putting a good deal of points between them and the Buccaneers.

It was obvious to me as soon as the game started and I saw the pirate ship and the crowd, that I had made a major flaw in even trying to assign the home team to the Chiefs. The Home team was obviously the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and everything promised to the Home team was fulfilled. They got two interceptions, their defense was dominating, and they put major points between them and the challenger.

Duel of the Quarterbacks

I see Brady as Saturn, who is comfortable and at home. Brady is also the old man in the game. Saturns location is comfortable and free of injury. But I do not see him highly motivated. Mahomes is Mars, he is conjunct the midheaven but in detriment, I believe this inhibited him from having a good game. The Moons next aspect is to Mars, so it is giving favor to the young Mahomes. The Moon is in reception with Mars, which gives Mahomes an ability to play well despite being injured. However, his receivers were not able to catch a number of balls thrown at them, and the refs ruled against the Chiefs a number of times. Thus saturn, represented by Tom Brady and the Buccaneers won out.

So it is, that if the Bucs were the 7th, and won the game in a dominating experience. It did not matter that Tom Brady had chosen to wear the away uniform, the home stadium is the home stadium. Patrick Watson had an excellent call on the game using the flipping of the quarter to decide who was the 1st house and the 7th and this to gave the game to the Bucs. While I marveled at his technique, for the purpose of sports gambling, it is inefficient to use the coin toss winner to wager. ,

I would not recommend betting on the game because of the caveat of a degree of uncertainty about who is the home team as expressed above. But if you do bet using this astrological insight and win, please send me a tip through paypal.

Best Wishes,

Your sports astrologer.

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