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Since Mars and the Venus are still conjunct in Scorpio, I would like to speak about the topic of marriage in relation to the art of time.  The art of timing, as I stated in my previous post, is about using the 4th dimension of time in your creative engagement with life. We can create through physical, emotional, and mental avenues of our being. The ability for those creations to endure and last, depends upon our skill. The Timing of Marriage has to do with how it will play out. There are some complicated rules for this. There are some simple rules too.

The philosophy is that these planets, they act as forces in our lives. and the mood we they are in when we begin an endeavor, colors the experience of that endeavor, from the moment it starts, until the endeavor ends. Thus if Mars is squaring the Moon at the time of your marriage, then the Moon which is emotions, will always be challenged by fighting (Mars) for as long as it lasts. Why, that is what the interdependence of time and form was setting into place at that moment. On the other hand if Venus was Trine the Moon at the time of your marriage, then Venus, sensual joy, will easily support your shared emotions, the Moon. This is how the timing works. The planets are like cogs in a clock, and they show what the “Divine” is intending for the moment a form, whether physical or symbolic is created.

So when you are married, at least insure that Saturn or Mars are not squaring or opposing the moon. Likewise, the Ascendant will be the identity of the wedding, make sure its ruler is in a good house and a good sign, not squared by the aforesaid malefics. If you can do just that you are probably fine. You might be surprised about how few days that is though. Weeding it out is what professional astrologers are for. Rely on them.

The simplest rule is choose your time well, for everything.

May all your marriages be full of love

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