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Game 6 Warriors vs Celtics Basketball world championship 2022

A dear acquaintance on twitter encouraged me to look at the astrology for the Basketball World Championships. I am going to employ Bonatti’s method of judging victory in battle for this analysis of who will win game 6. I have had mixed luck using this method. There are still some questions I have about assumptions the technique makes, such as the home team is the ruler of the 7th, etc. However when I looked at game 5, this technique clearly predicted the Warriors would win game 5, and they did! The chart for Game 6 is as follows:

The astrology chart for Game 6 World Championship

First to delineate the home team, who according to Brady receives the action, is the 7th house because it is receiving the action, in this chart is the Celtics. It will then be ruled by the Moon. The visiting team, who gives the action, will be Capricorn and thus Saturn will represent the Golden State Warriors.

Initially from that, we can see a very strong indicator in the outcome of the game. The Moon is being ruled by Saturn. This is a strong indicator that the Warriors are in control of the situation. Well, certainly, if they win this game the series is over. We can also gather from this that Celtics, being at home are going to play more emotionally, where as the Warriors will bring more ball control discipline to the game. A lack of ball control discpline and emotion contributed greatly to the Celtics loosing game 5. I do not see that changeing over the next game.

To further add to the story, let us see which one has more dignity by sign, rulership, exaltation, triplicity, term, and face.

Here we find the Warriors with an exceptional plus 7 in terms of dignity and the lackluster Celtics are the dreaded Peregrine in condition. This is another unfortunate testimony for the Celtics, who I truly would like to win the game. Bonatti also says the superior planets are stronger in battle than the inferior planets. Here the Warriors are the superior Saturn and the Celtics are the inferior Moon. This is a third testimony for the Warriors.

The Moon will next apply to Jupiter, which is a good testimony for the Celtics as the Moon last Ptolemaic aspect indicates the challenger (here the Warriors and was Venus) and the next Ptolomiac aspect (which is Jupiter) indicates the home team, here the Celtics. This is not as good for the Celtics as it might first appear, because Venus is in Taurus, with great dignity, and Jupiter signifying the Celtics only has dignity through Triplicity.

All added up, I am looking at the Warriors having an 80% chance of winning this game. With the current line being the Warriors by 4 I am tempted to take the odds. This is not financial advice or an encouragement to gamble though.

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