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The inception chart for the game.

Cowboys vs Giants

Tonight I will predict the winner of the sporting event according to Brady’s method (taken from Bonatti) of analyzing sports events through Castle Besiegment astrology. I live tweeted my prediction with my twitter account @dorjepadma and will do so every Monday night as long as football season lasts. Doing so gives an accurate time stamp for the predictions and also keeps me on my toes. One can not be lazy in front of a public audience.

To start with we will assign the Cowboys as the defender and the Giants as the invader. The Cowboys will be ruled by an angular Saturn in rulership, The Giants will be ruled by the Moon with no essential dignity (peregrine) in the 8th. The Moon’s last Ptolomeic aspect goes to the defender and is the Sun in Scorpio in the 5th out of sect. The Moons next Ptolomeic aspect goes to Mars in Libra in the 5th in sect.

My summation then would be if Brady is correct in that the defender is the “Favored Team” rather than the “Home Team” The Cowboys should beat the Giants and cover the spread.The Giants ruler is in mutual reception with Mercury so I will assume they will employ a heavy air game, Where as the Cowboys ruler with Mars and the Moon, so my assumption is they will play with a tough defense and be aggressive with the run game.

The First Half

We start out with a little south Node action and an interception by the Giants. But running into Saturn they are stopped at the goal line and have to settle for a field goal. Saturn and the South Node appear to be dominating the game. The South Node is harming Saturn, but its dominance of the chart clearly shows. 

At 9:01 as the Asc aspects Pluto by opposition, the Giants score the first touchdown. This reaffirms Pluto as a malefaction to the house it abides in, as well as the Ascendant represents the Giants in my mind. 

At 9:09 as The dsc conjunct ppluto the Cowboys again loose the ball in a fumble… showing the Cowboys are clearly the dsc. this may indicate that the aspects of the dsc and Asc. Are the most viable points of information as to how a game will progress. As Pluto conj. The Descendant and Squares Mars.

The game is stopped as a Black CAT runs across the friggen field! As the Dsc sextiles Mercury, and Asc Trines Mercury Dallas scores a touchdown through the air.the Dsc is in the terms of Mercury and the Deccan of Capricorn.

At 9:35 as Dsc. Perfects sextile to Mercury in Triplicity of Mercury and Terms of Mars, Cowboys intercept Giants Pass. There is always a significant moment in the game when an aspect perfects! Cowboys end the half in the lead. They have not covered the spread, but we have another half. B.Brady says redraw the chart for when the second half starts. 

2nd half starts at 9:57. Out of sect ruler is the Sun in the 4th for the Asc (Giants according to Brady’s reasoning.) and Saturn in the 6th for Dsc. (Cowboys) the in Sect light is in the 7th…. the Cowboys should pull ahead with the power of the sect light. 

The second half

Cowboys beat the Giants as predicted

When the IC conjuncts Mars giants turn ball over to Cowboys. The reception between Mars and the ruler of the seventh is apparent as benefit between the two Malefics. The game inception chart is still telling the story of the chart. 

Mars as the ruler of the inception chart, A fight breaks out during the middle of the game. As the DSC in Aquarius hits the same degree as the inception DSC in Capricorn, the cowboys go ahead by 8, their largest lead of the game and now ahead of the vegas spread of 7 points as predicted. 

Another fight breaks out. A reminder that the Almuten of the chart is Mars which is square Pluto. Passions are running high. As the DSC applies within two degrees to the degree of its ruler, the Cowboys score another touchdown. This is fascinating as it implies the degree of the chart ruler becomes significant for giving to whom the chart ruler represents, whether their is ptolomeic aspect or not. 

Yet another fight breaks out. Third flagged fight of the game. Mars is ruling the chart. total chaos. Every time the fight flag has gone against Dallas which has reception with Mars in the inception chart. They are playing meaner. As the DSC approaches two degrees within the Moon in the 7th, The Cowboys force a sack and fumble then score a final touchdown. The game is over.

The conclusion

It is interesting that the orb seems to be two degrees for the Asc. or Dsc scoring. I hoped you enjoyed my live football tweeting and won some money. Following Bonatti’s rules of war, using Bernadette’s 2017 UAC presentation methodologies, I won a little money. I will do this again next week for all interested. 

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