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Classifying astrology

Reflective Astrology is a classification of astrology when used in a certain way. When we classify astrology it is generally broken down into four schools. Natal, horary, electional, and predictive. For an understanding of the four schools I have written a post here: Astrology and its usefulness. Another way we can look at astrology though is reflective vs. predictive.

Predictive Astrology

Predictive is looking at a chart and saying this or that is going to happen. I can look at a chart and say the ruler of your 7th is going to conjunct the ruler of your ascendant this year, so you will find a meaningful partnership in your life. Or I can look at your chart and say a malefic out of sect and unaspected is in your 2nd house so learning how to work with money is going to be a challenge in your life. These are predictions based upon the chart. They are speaking to fate. When an astrologer says words like these they are like honey and a knife blade. Honey is sweet and in a sense reassuring. A knife blade cuts. The cutting part is you can take these words too seriously. Then you start placing responsibility for your life on the destiny with which you were born. Honey is sweet because it gives you reasons for the things that have happened to you and the things that will happen to you.

Reflective astrology

Reflective Astrology uses the symbols in the chart to meditate on the myth of your life and harvest understanding of your soul from it. It has been popularly spoken of as psychological astrology because it is meant as a tool for understanding the psyche. Psyche means “the soul, mind, or spirit.” The dictionary definition is the human soul, mind, or spirit, but is that not way too human centrist. This type of human centrism is a hold over from the primitive Abrahamic religions as all value is given to man’s mind as dominate over all other minds than God’s. If God is in all things then all things possess the mind of God and thus are equal in nature.

Reflective astrology is about understanding the psyche and how it manifests in the wholeness of your life. Your birthchart is your individuation in the wholeness of being and experience that is life. Astrology is your tool to reflect upon that.

When you look at your astrology chart ask what is this chart saying about my psyche. What is it saying about the avenues of expression that are an inherent part of how I manifest in the world? The chart is an infinite book into reflection upon your psyche and your psyche is your path to wisdom. This then is what is indicated by Abu Mashar when he said astrology is the gateway to wisdom.

A useful tool

The Art of using the Moon series being written in this blog is meant to help you start using Reflective Astrology in your daily life. You can do this by learning astrology through keeping a short diary. Paying attention to the easy to track transits of the Moon and Sun. Then looking at how the symbols, signs and experiences begin to play out in your life as the Moon moves through your chart every month. The nature of these exercises is to help you grow more tuned into subtle symbols and experiences that fill the world around you.

Mind and life are constantly reflecting back your actions, thoughts, and words in a beautiful feedback loop.  This is synchronicity. I find astrology is best as a method of tuning into the experience of your own mind and your own experiences and giving meaning to them. This is reflective astrology.

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