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In Western Esotericism we have understood the world to be one where the One creates forms through the principle of generation. This would be akin to the above.

when we work with the below, that would be us, humans, our minds, we also create forms through the principle of generation.

By necessity of the generation principle whatever forms we create through generation are also the forms the one has created through generation.

In this way humans embody the principle of the demiurge. It is the case that he One displays its forms through its generation of the cosmos. Astrology is the principle language of studying this generation on the level of the experience of the human mind.

With that understanding, we can posit that forms or energy patterns of the divine can be captured or manifested in created forms by the hands of the initiated esoteric. This when done in harmony with the principles of the one and the principles of generation emanating from the one through sympathies of time, material, image, and intention is how functional talismans are generated into being through the will of the esotericist as a proxy for the will of the one.

We have entered or are entering the Age of Aquarius, and I follow the Sri Yukteswar’s Yuga Cycle indicating that we are also rapidly entering the Dvapara Yuga, where energy is the more consistent with manifesting than Iron. The internet and the blockchain are manifestations of this on a philosophical and concrete level. Here are found forms that have potency that financially and physically affect human beings and life on earth. The code being generated by BTC creates wealth as well as excessive carbon emissions. Peoples lives as well as their political experiences are being swayed by transfers of crypto currency. NFTs exist on the block chain as immutable code that will exist for as long as the blockchain of any particular generation exists. Therefore, I posit that talismans can be made of “code” in just the same way that they are made of minerals, metals, paper or any-other variety by the esotericist. Upon the time that code is generated, the essence of that moment and the will of the One principle as well as the demiurge expressed through the esotericists actions, incantations, and will is embodied onto the block chain in an unmutable form, emanating its intention, until that particular blockchain ceases to exist in the distant future.
I am undertaking just such an endeavor with the Kaeru Kingdom, minting an NFT elected at this date and place:

Here both benefic planets Jupiter(+10) and Venus(+4) have dignity as well as Mars(+4) ruling the 2nd, and in mutual reception with its ruler by face. The Moon while new is ruled by Venus in the first being in the sign of Taurus and is increasing. Mercury (+10) having being in its own house gives boons in communication and well-being for the family, property. As with all elections, there are challenges to this one. But, I lay it down as a well constructed moment to intend a form to appear on the block chain for the purpose of bringing good fortune to those who possess it in their Cyrpto wallets.

The intention then is to create a unique piece of art, that lives on the blockchain, that vibrates the desired effect of good luck, financial well-being, an increase in property, fame, fortune, and family harmony for the one possessing the CNFT talisman. All the usual caveats apply to these talismans as they do to all talismans. The effects are different for different people, depending on how they resonate with one’s own astrology. To fully understand this takes years of study, knowing your own astrology chart, and developing a knack or at the very least an acceptance of a magical world view. I can promise you this though, if you endeavor in such a way, your life will be rewarded with a rich mythology full of meaning and delight.

If you would like to have an Astrological Election to create an effect in your world, you can order one by clicking here.

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