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Virgo is the essence of conservation.

Since it is the play of the moon to serve its own reflection as a dynamic display of being arising out of the creative principle in the universe, let us use the moon to look at the myth of the Virgo in the zodiac. After Leo the lion comes Virgo the virgin.  She is a Mutable sign, meaning the sign transforms, harmonizes and refines the space around it. It is an earth sign, meaning it is temperate, prone to stabilizing, and steadfast. Being a feminine sign, it is passive and reacts to the needs it perceives within the world.

The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin. Thus This sign has been represented by a female goddess since the beginning of astrological myth. She holds a sheaf of corn or wheat, symbolic of the harvest. Virgo is harvesting the knowledge of being.  The Virgin self-sacrifices and serves, being ruled by Mercury she is delicate and needs things ordered.  With a sharp mind she is quick to point analyze flaws and point them out.

Virgo is so quick to assimilate knowledge that she does not understand how the other signs indulge in emotional messes. She is constantly in search of a perfected world, and she wishes to let others know the way to perfection.  Virgo is the end of summer as a mutable sign yearns for a cooler climate. She seeks to change the world to create balance, moving away from self absorption and the impulse of I to the impulse of thou.  

Virgo is an organizer, but not organized

Virgo seeks to organize life, and is by its nature exploring what it is to create order out of the world that is other. This exploration gives it a capacity to help others from a true place of service.  Because of this sense of self sacrifice and service, has a nature of wishing to give support to others. Virgos become frustrated when others do not respond to the world in this way.  Virgo allows for the zodiac to experience service and transcend self-absorption and mental insecurity.

The Spiritus Mundi rejects self identity as being the primary purpose of being and recognizes the value of seeing the world through the eyes of the other. In order for being to learn, being must move beyond self absorption and discover the inherent order of perfection. A strong sense of exchanging self for others allows us to go beyond our own concerns towards that of recognizing equality in being.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the messenger, it travels between the Sun and all the other planets. Its swift movement represents thoughts, energy, and electricity. By traveling back and forth with regular frequency Mercury is able to assimilate diverse ideas. This gift gives Virgo intelligence and the ability of assimilation.

The nature of Moon in Virgo

Mercury makes people who enjoy intellectual stimulation, philosophy, talking and communicating, and the discovery of novel ideas. So, when the Moon is in Virgo, engage in activities that help organize, are productive in the material world, involve writing. In addition, they should be nutritional and harvest previous efforts. Moon in Virgo favors editing and word or idea smithing. Moon in Virgo is an opportunity to become a servant of the world through productivity and harvesting the energy of your productivity.

Virgo being passive accommodating sign is best when it is allowed to contemplate and assimilate the world with total acceptance and teach that appreciation to others.  Virgo expresses this appreciation of order in a refined manner to create perfection. She then becomes supremely respected and appreciated by all others in the Zodiac universe.

Virgo becomes confused when it becomes obsesses on the imperfection of the chaotic detailed minutia of relationships and life. For this reason, Virgo is a sign associated with critical nervous mentality.  Other signs of the zodiac are frustrated by Virgo’s inability to relax and let things be as they are. .  They teach the rest of the zodiac spontaneous action and freedom from self-doubt. When the Moon is in Leo be sure to not ignore the needs of others or what they are trying to communicate to you.

Virgos place in the universe

Being refining and mutable, the moon in Virgo is the synthesizing principle of the mandala of the zodiac. Thus it operates best from a place of knowing and learning through change rather than settling. It must learn that others are content with just being, they are not always in need of flux and change. This need to change and refine the world is challenged by the truth that the world is perfect as it is.

When a Virgo gains this contentment, they become a source of reflective joy and stimulating companionship for all the other signs of the Zodiac.  The rest of the zodiac seeks feedback on how to refine the world. Thus the work of Virgo is to help others understand the bright light of the worlds perfection and how to properly enjoy and work within that perfection.

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