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Tonight, the red warrior planet Mars moved into tropical Gemini. Mars will stay there until April 23rd. I would like you to be prepared for what he brings there. I am going to go through what the implications will be for people who know their Ascendant. This will be done by posting how Mars will effect you by angle compared to your Ascendant. All you need to do to read along and have fun is look up your ascendant. You can skip everyone else’s ascendant, because Mars thinks other people are boring. Unless Mars is trying to dominate them. Then Mars loves being prepared for war.

Conquering through War and Love is the way of Mars. Mars is the hot passion that makes things go. The more one studies astrology, the more that you might give Mars a bad rap. Shame on you, Mars is good because it is the motion of change. One person recently wrote on my twitter account that no one likes change. They were referring to the cycles of the Planet Uranus. This is a really terrible view to hold because the universe is a constant flux of change. Life is change. To not like change is to not like life. You must embrace life and embrace change. When we embody the energy of Mars we are embodying the energy of change.

What kind of change. When Mars is in Gemini it is in a mutable air sign. From that we can say that the changes will be verbal and mental, as well as not consistent. One will find themselves getting in arguments not based on agreeable facts. Ideas can change quickly and verbal attacks can be ferocious, but will arise just as quickly as they disperse. People will not want to compromise but will take polar opposite view points with one another. It would be inconvenient if there were air crashes. Another astrologer I read, I forget who (sorry if you are reading this, give me a shout out so I can credit your brilliance) proposed that there would be an uptick in malware attacks (is that possible) and identity theft. We should see markets that are very unstable, especially energy and monetary markets.

When it comes to your chart the following is my conjecture. May it be a spinning off point for you to contemplate and conjecture for your self. First, do things quickly. Second:

If your ascendent is Gemini watch out for knives, metal objects, and accidents with fire. There is a lot of energy in you during this time so make use of it. Be prorductive in self promotion and becareful not to overwhelm people with your personality unless you are driving them to build you a pyramid or make you serious cash. Your magnetism is off the charts during this time as Mars rules Iron and Iron can be magnetic. Unfortunately being a Gemini rising you will scatter that energy in far to many places only frustrating yourself.

If your Ascendant is Cancer be careful of smoking too much legalized cannibas or taking to much legalized whatever, including alcohol during this transit month. It would be best not to let your anger get the best of you, because it is going to come back and bite you if you do. Watch out for men who are going to do something nasty behind your back or closed doors.

If your Ascendant is Leo, during this time you should go and have lively philosophical discussions with your brothers. Social outings are unusually fun, but be aware of fights between your friends dragging you down. During this time write down aspirations for all of your hopes and then smear them with red on a Tuesday and burn them in a fire. Remember it is healthy to debate with others over a beer dramatically opposing ideas, as long as no one throws punches.

If your Ascendant is in Virgo it is a great time to rage quite your job if you have been hankering to do that. Otherwise watch your coworkers get in arguments but do not take sides. Launch a project that you want public notoriety for but remember that all publicity is not good publicity. You could hoist a winged angel high in your house and compose praises to Hermes while burning a brown candle to make your career aspirations seem with in reach.

If your Ascendant is in Libra, You have the urge to go. After a long period of little energy suddenly you have a desire to educate yourself. The turmoil of the last month has come to an end, so sing praises to Baal if you must, but otherwise do not be afraid of gutting authority figures and false idols. I imagine Moses destroyed the statues of the Pagan Gods during Mars in Gemini, but it was during Mars in Scorpio that Jesus torched over the Payday Loan buildings.

Speaking of which if your Ascendant is Scorpio be ready for terror, excitement, and big transformation. Mars is in your 8th house as long as he is in Gemini and for you that means brash decisions by other people with their money effecting you. The sex will be deep and transformative and dammit, you should get paid for it one way or another. Be careful not to be killed though, especially with lung sickness or jumping off high buildings. If you are not a doctor in Putin’s Russia, you probably do not have to worry about flying out of a hospital without a parachute. (hey Russian hackers, I am just a normal guy with a small family, please don’t hurt me)

If your Ascendant is Sagittarius bingo. Mars is opposite your ascendant and that either means falling in love or falling out of love based on the poetic ramblings of a madman or woman. The passion will be directed at you and it is going to take all of your philosophical prowess to transform that into wisdom. On the other hand if the sex is good you can forget about the arguements in between, at least until April 24th.

If your Ascendant is Capricorn you can feel a little under the weather this month. Your usual strong fortitude is tested by work, health, the Postmates driver. Don’t get me wrong, the Postmates driver means well, it is not his fault that he went and had a beer before dropping off your soggy, cold french fries and hamburger. Do not eat that burger it is greasy and it is going to make your stomach queasy. In all honesty take up some exercise routine and watch it … blossom.

Mars in your 5th house means that your ascendant is Aquarius. I have nothing to say to you then, except it is going to get hot in bed for you. Yes, the cutie at the coffee shop is flirting with you. Yes the person on the Zoom call who you are totally attracted to is winking at you, not everyone else on the zoom call. Unless you are married and have kids, then your kids will be fighting and it is going to frustrate your sex life. Sorry you knew what you were signing up for when you popped out the watermelons, or did you?

If your Ascendant is Pisces the drama is at home. Excpect the pipes to break or the heater to belch at least once over the next 43 some odd days. Your family is going to be a drama, and that is ok. You can slog knee deep into the mud and let off a litany of flourishing words about what a bunch of crazy freaks they are, or instead you can paint the walls or tile the bathroom. If you choose to remodel, that is choose the path of peace, then while you are doing it sing warrior songs to protect your home. If you do not know any warrior songs then put on that burning down the house by the Talking Heads. Just remember to turn of the burners when you are done cooking.

The Aries Ascendant is always a special case. I would like to forecast it is a great month to dream and take baths. Be careful of tripping when you go out and get the mail as your thoughts are on other things, such as how your sister is totally all over the place mentally. That is ok though, all she needs to do is take short and exhaustive journeys on her Peloton while praying to the great goddess Luna. This is best done after drinking a Red Bull. I suppose a more productive thing would be to write. Start with a blog post about Mars in Gemini and what it means to each ascendant. It is all the rage.

For the Taurus Ascendant I encourage you not to play with penny stocks for the month. Hand your significant other all of your credit cards and take up the old ebay to SELL. That is right, this is a perfect opportunity to Kondo method and Depop the hell out of your house and closet. Seriously, get rich by getting it out. Be careful of letting all of your winnings ride on black though because the ball is going to land on RED. (this is not gambling advice) I expect half your winnings if you win big. (this is seriously not gambling advice.

And most of all get an astrology reading from a good astrologer, of whom I am one, but everyone I follow on twitter is also one. Especially Sam Reynolds and Gabe archangel of Good Vibes. Since we are talking about Mars, I am only recommending men this month, and me. I am a man and an astrologer. Have a great month. I totally forgot to mention Patrick, he is an exceptional chart reader too.

Readings can be found here Heartastrology.com



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