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Mars is very potent energy and care should be taken not to harm others with him.

Mars will beast into Aries on New Years day 2019. If you have a night time chart this is sure to super charge your self and help you create radical forward movement in your life. If you have a nighttime chart it will give you the energy to challenge difficult tasks that may come up and with skillfulness overcome obstacles.

Mars likes energetic enthusiasm, and when in Aries it feels that enthusiasm without boundaries. Of course this can create difficulty if you rush head long into a situation that is more than you can handle. When you use the vigor and energy of Mars for making the world and humanity better, he is a benefic. When you use him to suppress and conquer for personal ego reasons he becomes a malefic. Discerning between the two is up to your wisdom.

What ever house is ruled by Aries should over the next month should see a pick up of energy and vigor. Mars going through Aries is also a great time to start new exercise routines. Exercise is being shown to be the number one factor in longevity, stronger than diet or any genetic factor.

Where Aries is in your chart, shows an area where you are willing to fight for what you think is right and just.

Happy New Year and may your year be filled with energetic joy as you pursue your passions.

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