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Let your life bloom in a joyous light.
You are the Sun of your life.

Astrology is meant to be a tool for living your best life. Everyday, everyone of us wakes up, and goes through the routine of the lot of our life. We dream of having a different life. We wish to be richer, have a lover, have a different lover, be closer to distant people, be farther from certain close people. We might wish for fame, or we might wish for solitude. We all wish everyday for that which is different from our fate.

Fate from a stoic perspective can be defined as thus, Fate
= a rational principle for things administered by Providence within the cosmos; a string of causes, an inescapable ordering and connection. I am still studying stoicism, having spent most of my life studying buddhism. In Buddhism the sages and wise ones teach that happiness is found in contentment. Contentment is accepting what you have, or accepting you fate.

If you look at the definition above Fate is ones providence within the cosmos. This is called our Lot in life. The lot of fortune represents this in the astrological chart. The whole chart represents this. The chart represents where there will be struggle and where there will be ease, talent, and joy in a persons life. It does so with some remarkable accuracy.

For instance Mars shows where one will have strife. Jupiter where one will have abundance. Venus, where one will find pleasure. Mercury, what will stimulate your mind. Saturn, where one will struggle and toil. The whole chart integrates into a story of ones fate.

The study of astrology can help one accept ones fate. With acceptance comes contentment. With contentment comes joy and peace.

When we look at our charts, we see the possible that we can strive for. Striving for that possible, we do not waste our precious breaths, of which only so many have been given to us, seeking that which can not bring fulfillment. Astrology is an art, that when treated correctly, will truly enrich and enliven everyone’s life.

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