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Today Mercury is Opposed Neptune. I would like to take this opportunity to speak about Neptune. Often times people cringe at oppositions, but you will find, whenever they occur, either in a natal chart, or in a mundane transit, they serve to shine light on the planets involved. They bring the energy of the planets effected into consciousness, as the opposition gives clear and stark indications of what the other planets hidden and visible light and effects are. I have found it the case that the inner planets energy elucidate the outer planets manifestations and energy. The inner planets have light that we can see, they are reflecting it from the central atomic furnace, our Sun, and thus they illuminate. The outer planets being Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are not visible to us unaided at our current place in evolution. We need the energy of the inner planets to even begin to understand or see them. When Mercury is opposed Neptune it is a good time to think about Neptune.

I ready today an astrologer, who is perhaps pretty good, or at least successful, speak of Neptune being important for communication. My assumption is that she was meaning Neptune creates an experience of empathy. Empathy is good for understanding. However, Neptune and Empathy are not about communication. When Neptune is involved in the native chart, through connection to a planet about communication or aspecting the Ascendent or Midheaven, there is always a challenge for the native in communicating. The native has to become more aware that people don’t really understand them, and rely on very solid forms of communciation, such as writing, note taking, or even in the conversation saying to the other person, “do you understand what I am saying”. If the native does not do this, over and over again they will be misunderstood and this will create difficulties for the native.

While this is happening, the Neptune native will be often times confused or emotionally pained. The reason for this is that the Neptune Native is very empathic. They feel like they understand the person they are speaking to. They want that feeling in return. Likewise they are very intuitive. So there gift is they really easily understand other peoples thoughts and emotions. It is confusing for the Neptune native why they are so often misunderstood. I have had a client who really thinks that she is a great communicator, but everyone around her is very conscious of how difficult it is for her to communicate.

This brings the second challenge to the Native who has a strong Neptune placement. If Neptune is conjunct the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, it is really difficult for the native to see themselves in a clear light. They recieve to many subtle impressions from the outer world. They easily identify with other peoples experiences , (here we go with empathy again) and are thus not clear on who they are. Strong Neptune in the chart requires strong boundaries as well as a lot of alone and quiet time. It is a great placement for one who seeks to grow through meditation. If you have strong Neptune, or are reading a chart for someone with a strong Neptune, Meditate! it is really your best friend, and the only way to come to a feeling of peace in a turbulent world.


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