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Horary astrology is a method of reading an astrology chart that answers a single question. This method is one of the four classic types of astrology readings which are:

  • Electional Astrology
  • Horary Astrology
  • Mundane Astrology
  • Natal Astrology

The way one asks a horary question in astrology is just as important from the view of the astrologer as the question itself. I thought it would be great to take today, while the Moon is in Virgo, to look at the right way to approach Horary astrology.

First, let us consider why would you even ask a horary astrology question. Well, that is a great question! Because you are a living breathing human being who wants to enjoy happiness and avoid suffering in a world with a ton of suffering and pitfalls, you may approach your life with a sense of caution. This is reasonable, we all want to succeed and win at the game of life, we want to be rich, in happy relationships, make the right choices, and not lose the things we value.

Natal astrology focuses on a certain type of fatalistic thinking where our fate is set at birth with our natal chart.  The approach of natal astrology is to examine your psychological responses and planetary transits to maximize your ability to succeed in life.  Horary astrology is about finding objects, making choices based on how things might turn out, and understanding what is going on behind the scenes of a situation. There are two ways to use Horary astrology, these are:

The types of Horary Astrology

  1. To find or ascertain where lost objects, people, or things are.
  2. To understand what the outcome of a situation will be.

An example of type one would be: (one I ask myself quite a lot) Where is my cell phone?

An example of type two would be: Will I get the job?

How to ask the question.

So the first thing you will do is ask the astrologer the question. To ask the question you need to be clear. What are you asking for, What do you want to know? I suggest that you sit down for 5 or 10 minutes and think about what you are consulting the astrology for. I’d appreciate it if you could help me gain authentic clarity on why you are approaching the sacred art of astrology for a determined answer to your challenges. This deepens the experience for both of us and increases the chance that the outcome or interpretation of the moment of astrology when the horary question is asked will reveal the truth. 

The next thing that will happen is the astrologer needs to understand the question. This could take a little back and forth, discussing what the question is so both you and the astrologer are clear on what is being asked for. Once the astrologer has understood the question they will then cast a chart and look at the signification to determine the answer. Good horary astrologers can answer and have amazing insight into almost any question if it is asked well.

If you decide to consult with me as a horary astrologer, or any other horary astrologer the asking of the question becomes very important. In her book “The Martial Art of Horary Astrology” Lee Lehman points out this may be the most important part of a horary reading, getting the right question, one which invokes and respects the sacredness of astrology, the astrologer, and the person asking the question. What does this mean?

This means that when you ask a horary question you need to:

  1. want to know the answer
  2. know what you want to know the answer to
  3. Be certain that you have not already asked the question to the astrologer in a previous horary or to a previous astrologer
  4. Have a specific and detailed question so specific details can be returned.

This part of the horary process can be challenging, the back and forth to get to a specific, sacred question than can open up the divine experience where the astrologer connects with the chart of the moment and then connects with you creating a meaningful answer. So if you come to me, or any other horary astrologer, or study horary yourself, please take time to get this part right. It is harder than delineating the chart itself.

After asking the question the astrologer may determine that they can not answer the question at that point in time. There are a few factors in this. One is that the chart can show that you are not receptive to the answer at that time. This could be because the question is not fully formed, it has already been answered, or even that the client is not being sincere with the astrologer. Amazingly enough this is usually indicated in the chart itself. 

The ways this is indicated if at asking the question the ascendant is within a few degrees of the end of a sign or the beginning of a sign. This will also be indicated by a void of course moon, or by Saturn being in the 7th house. If this happens I would direct you to re-ask the question at a later time. 

If you have a burning question, or you would like to experiment with horary please feel free to order a horary consultation with me anytime. 

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