Horary Reading

$35.00 US Dollars

A Horary reading to answer a single question, whether it is trying to know where something is, or how something will work out.

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A Horary reading is an ancient method of determining an answer to a specific question by looking at the horoscope cast for the time and place that the question is understood by the astrologer.

The philosophy is that in the perfection of the universe which abides as the nature of the divine, the moment a question is posed its answer is indicated by the positions of the planets and stars. Through a precise methodological examination of the horoscope, the astrologer determines the specific answer in the display of the stars. This answer then is a clear yes or no, with details being giving by the location of the planets within the chart. While the art of Horary seems simple, for the astrologer and the client it takes courage and diligence to bring it to fruition. Why is this, because one must be willing to face the truth of the answer without expectation, without hope and fear.. It is the case that the horary chart will often have indications that relate to the native’s chart.

While its exact origins are still being debated, horary astrology is an ancient art of predictive and insightful reflection that has been practiced for thousands of years.

Horary charts allow for deep analysis of questions, the various personalities and players involved in the question, their motivations, and the final outcome. However, they are also used in queries as simple as finding lost objects and yes or no questions. Horary charts are cast and interpreted more quickly than other readings, the question and response will be given by email. When requesting a Horary chart, the astrologer interprets the question and cast the chart for the moment that the astrologer understands the question. I ask for a day to consider the chart and the implications before the interpretation is given.

Please understand that while the naturally divine and spontaneous nature of the interdependent universe is perfect, I am not, so do not consider this an absolute answer. I make no claims to being psychic, but just interpret the chart to the best of my understanding from the moment I understood the question, following very old rules. The interpretation is then given to you as a contemplation by which you can make your decision or direct your energies. For questions regarding health or legal matters, the advice of professionals in those fields should be taken as paramount to the result of the horary.

Before you ask for a horary reading from me, please read “how to ask a horary question”.

May the divine grace every moment of your life.


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