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The streets of Hong Kong filled with hopeful protesters.
Millions of citizens clad in black take to the streets.

The Premise:

Hong Kong is a doomed state. In 2047 the one party two systems guaranteeing civil protections, and at least symbolically, Hong Kong’s democratic freedoms will end. The people of Hong Kong do not want to loose those freedoms before they have to, and have on occasion shown a strong will to take to the streets. Over the last two weeks millions of them are doing just that. Why are they protesting? China, through the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam was set to introduce an extradition treaty with the HK government. This treaty will allow Chinese to come and grab people they do not like out of HK, for whatever reason, and whisk them back to China.

The Chart

Hong Kong’s Chart is beautiful, in that it describes with eloquence the city
and the people itself. Aries is rising, with Saturn in Aries. Thus the Hong
Kong population has initiative but hard lives which they endure with a fervor. The moon is in exaltation in the second conjunct the Part of Fortune. Yes, Hong Kong is very rich. The third is ruled by Mercury in Cancer in the fourth. Hong Kong people believe their city is one of the greatest in the world. They are very much home people.

The Fourth has the Sun in Cancer. Hong Kong is a Cancer. It is a famous
water city, and the people are emotional, nestled in a 427 square mile area.
Venus is in the fifth in Leo. They are a people in love with their pleasure, of
which clothes and food are paramount. In the 7th is Mars in Libra. The seventh is the partner, and China is the great partner. Here with Mars in Venus. Mars in Venus is a passive aggressive Mars and we find China is always pushing in on Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is an international banking city. Mars, who is the other in the 7th rules the 8th, other people’s money. Hong Kong is a recepticle for others to move and store their money. The ninth is ruled by Jupiter in the 11th. Hong Kong sees itself as a spiritual city of novel ideas and an enlightened

The 10th is ruled by Saturn in Aries in the first. Thus, there is a weigh to rulership over Hong Kong. The city likes its boundaries, but it is also confined to the will of another country. The 11th has Jupiter in Aquarius, a people of noble aspiration and driven by technology. The 12th is also ruled by Jupiter, and thus we may confide that Hong Kong’s undoing is its idealism and belief that it can overcome obstacles that have destroyed other countries.

the protesters are wearing black.

What is happening now:

I use Bonatti’s Almudibit to determine the chart ruler. With this
calculation, the Planetary ruler of Hong Kong is Saturn. Interestingly enough the protesters are all wearing black as a sign of unity. Saturn rules the color black. Saturn is at 19° Aries (I always use the tropical zodiac unless otherwise stated.) This point in the chart is currently being squared or has been squared in the last week by the North and South Node, Mars, and Saturn.

All four of these planets and points are considered malefics. Saturn in HK’s
natal chart rules the government (10th) and hope (11th). Mars
rules identity (1st) and others resources (8th), I also give the 8th
to radical change. When I saw this configuration two weeks ago it was apparent to me that turmoil would be drastic. There will be a change in government as a result.

We now know the government has backed off plans to create an extradition
treaty with China. Here is the problem. This is the second pass of the Saturn square and Pluto will continue to apply to Hong Kong’s natal Saturn. China, unlike everyother military power in the world since WW 2 has not ceded territory. China does not cede territory, and China sees HK as its territory. The final pass of Saturn in its square will be Dec. 15th. At that time HK will
have a new government. This is the will of China.

Two key dates to watch for are in the unfolding of China asserting its will
upon the millions of Hong Kong citizens trying to maintain there independence are Aug 15th and Oct 20th. On these dates Saturn (again the
government) will be opposing HK’s natal Sun in Cancer. Saturn being in
Rulership and superior position to an out of sect Sun will assert considerable will on the people of HK. China does not like millions of people protesting. It does not like the example that gives to the mainland.

Other Factors:

I have heard rumors that despite Xi’s total apparent
control of China, there is turmoil within the party. That said it is possible what is playing out in HK is a proxy war between high level PRCC officials. Jupiter, ruling the 12th, which would indicate behind the scenes hidden
motives is currently squaring HK’s nodes. Thus a behind the scenes hidden fight for the future of HK is a reasonable interpretation of events. This is Hong Kong’s best hope. For HK to not be absorbed into China’s system of totalitarian technological socialism in the next 25 years, a government change will have to occur in China.

Hong Kong has entered a Jupiter Mars period. This is very dangerous.

HK’s Firdar entered a Jupiter Mars period on March 18th.
We have seen how Jupiter rules the 12th, and Mars is in the 7th
of open enemies. Thus we can conclude the people of HK are fighting against open threats as well as hidden threats until Dec 2020. While they have apparently won as of today with a public withdrawal of the extradition treaty, do not be surprised if in the next 5 months minor news articles mention people disappearing.


While the battle has been won, and may we the democratic people of the world take heart, the astrology is stacked against HK remaining independent of China for now. By Dec.20th, China will have the treaty it wants in place and a new executive base to help implement its policies in the second system of the one nation.


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