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Comet Neowise

Comet Neowise has triumphantly and magnificently made its once every 6800 year appearance to the natives of the earth. The last time it came by for a visit Neolithic man was just learning how to craft metal. It was the beginning of the Bronze Age. Perhaps we can consider Neowise a harbinger of new ages. Are we moving into the information age? Before you say we already have, remember ages last 2000 years and 30 years is a rounding error to 2 mellenia.

A few friends have asked me to look into what the effects, or omens of Neowise are. In response I have looked at a few old texts, foremost amongst them Bonattis epic treatise “The Book of Astronomy” as well as read a few modern takes (I recommend Rod Chang’s post in Astrodienst). Here, I, your favorite astrologer will give you a brief summary, as well as a few thoughts of my own.

Bonatti says:

Neowise is appearing in the sidereal location of Leo, and will still be visible as we move into the Tropical month of Leo. Here Bonatti says a comet foretells of slow economic hardship if it is visible in the west. In the US the comet is visible in the NW part of the sky… so. It looks like the economy is probably heading for step down crash.

When the comet is joined a planet, it heralds the nature of that planet. Neowise is appearing opposite to the location of Saturn. So we can see the signification of Saturn in death. It is a time of high numbers of people dying due to the COVID sickness. It is the color of Mars, which indicates fire, energy, and strife. This is occuring in Leo, thus we have strife with the rulers. At least this is true in the US. Also comets have portended the death of a King. The King of Saud was just hospitalized. So maybe it is him and not Trump. Most American astrologers make the mistake of assuming all astronomical events have to do with America.

First of, Bonatti says when a comet appears in Cancer it looks like Locusts are coming. Well That nails it. Locusts have come in a big way in Africa. This report from NPR asks why, now we astrologers know that it is because a Comet during the Tropical month of Cancer. It also foretells of floods. These to have been happening, especially in China, Nepal, India and New Zealand. In New Zealand it is being called a once in 500 years flood it is so severe and significant.

Interestingly enough Neowise is actually appearing at the cup of the Big Dipper pouring out into the world. This reaffirms the indication of floods. My greatest fear is this comet is a presaging of a dramatic sea level rise occurring in the next 8 years ( I am counting each day it is visible for a year, I could take it to mean a month for a day which would be more dramatic). I am just a mere mortal though, not a psychic, so take that with a huge grain of salt, not salt water. Rember, astrologers love disaster porn and that is how we sell readings.

Rod Changs interesting contemplation:

Rod suggested thinking of a Comet as bringing something from the unconscious to the conscious. I am interpreting here, so I hope he forgives me if it was not exactly his intention. I really like this idea. The comet is coming from deep space which is the unknown. It is warming up an idea and bringing light and attention to an area that is usually unnoticed.

Here in the US we are seeing this as bringing light to the systematic cultural racism against a large part of our society and the people who make it up. Appearing in Leo it is a revolt against authority operating from a place of unseen assumed power to discriminate. Because it is Mars in nature, it is dredging up the militarism of confederacy and its ideology of discrimination. It is also creating tension with federal power vs state or people power.

In Your Personal Chart:

Within your own Birthchart look to where 1 degree Leo falls. This is an area where you should pay close attention to the signs as to what hidden values are being revealed to you now, and how you can change them. For example, it falls in my 7th or 8th house (depending on house system). I will examine power dynamics occurring within relationship and other people’s possessions. What are my unconscious assumptions that have been guiding my personality, how can I refine them to be a better human. I would suggest this is an empowering and productive way to personally look at Neowise in your chart.

If you would like an astrology reading to talk about Neowise in your chart, or gossip about its effects for humanity, I give them here.

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